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Son (19) has to leave supported living - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Son (19) has to leave supported living

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Thank you.

The meeting was cancelled at short notice, yesterday. It has been rearranged for next week. I think you are right when you say lip service is played to the agenda of person-centred decision making. However, by keeping every meeting informal and singular and by keeping my son completely out of the picture, we are left with the awkward dilemma of deciding when to inform his advocate (who will have to work with my son) and when to take things further.

I learnt yesterday that there had been a review with social services about his funding. I suppose, no problems were found, because they are continuing his placement, but I pay a portion of my son's fees (to avoid him being left with pocket money only) and so funding does affect me directly.

I think I need to make sure everything is written down and clearly minuted at the meeting and that I inform the advocate that her services may be needed soon.
Definitely get Legal Aid sorted out. Your son should be consulted in ALL decisions about his future. Your LA are unfit for purpose. Have you made a written formal complaint to the HQ Complaints Department? Are you sure your son is getting all the benefits he is entitled to. In Supported Living he should not be left with just pocket money! Did the LA do a formal "Financial Assessment" showing all income and expenditure and how they calculated his contribution? It should only take into consideration his own income, nothing to do with yours.
If your son has had a social services assessment and been deemed "substantial risk" i.e. would not cope living on his own etc. then it is illegal for his support to be withdrawn. You will need to fight.
Hello again,

We had a meeting on Tuesday between my son, the managers of the home, the, clinical lead' at the home and the EIT care coordinator and parents (us). The care coordinator is suggesting drama therapy to help my son explore options and manage his anxiety. However, she phoned me prior to the meeting to say the drama therapist is a specialist in autism and she will be trying to help my son find ways of communicating effectively. The managers told my son how well he had reflected on an incident in which he again, left a group and cycled off to his grandmother's farm (he crashed a car when he was there, and the home are aware of this) and then told him that there was no way they would recommend him to live independently in one of their flats.

I felt the meeting was a bit farcical. The most challenging incidents occur when my son is asked to attend the mandatory groups. The staff know he finds this sort of group therapy difficult. Why does he have to attend these groups? The incidents involve him speeding off on his bike. Why is he permitted to leave the unit on his bike when he is in an agitated state?

I raised these issues, but it was difficult to present them without causing conflict in my son's presence.

Yesterday the social worker allocated to my son asked to meet me. I have given her some dates next week. The way her request (by e-mail) was phrased gave me the impression that she does not think my son is getting the care he should receive.

I am not very familiar with legislation, however, please could someone answer these questions:

- The accommodation is classed as 'supported living'. It is staffed 24/7 by staff who are familiar with the needs of individuals with mental illness and/or learning disability. Are they failing in their duty of care towards a vulnerable adult by allowing him to cycle down a busy' A' road to the home of his 89 year old grandmother (on the first incident he jumped red lights along the journey; on the second incident he had a meltdown at the farm and crashed a car) when he is in a highly distressed state?

- Can they make group reflections and therapies mandatory? Should they not make reasonable adjustments for individuals who find these activities difficult?

- Why is a supported living service 'time-based'? Can they truly expect every individual to 'progress' to independence within 24 months?

I just feel that the home is costing an awful lot of money, but seems to be failing in its fundamental duty of keeping vulnerable people safe from harm.

I will raise these issues with the social worker this week, but any comments here would be more than welcome.
This placement is clearly not suitable. My son has LD due to brain damage at birth, I find it frustrating after 39 years to have to explain what that means to social workers, that he will never get better in some areas, because he has brain damage! Your son is clearly more capable than mine, but in a way that makes it more dangerous, and clearly he has been in real danger.
I would make a formal complaint to SSD HQ, addressed to the Complaints Officer, and ask them to arrange a Best Interests meeting.