Social services not helping, I'm desperate

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Charlotte, recently a social worker was struck off the social work register by threatening to take someone's children away. Read my previous message and write that email to the head complaints officer at the LA Headquarters, NOT the local office.
Copy it to the Director of Social Services, sit back, and all of a sudden you will get their full attention. Once the Director is involved they see their career progression as being threatened. It works wonders!!
Thankyou bowlingbun! I will get on to it now, I just can't get my head around how it's gone from me basically doing social services job for the past 6 months to them threatening my own children! Completely gobsmacked and a little scared if I'm honest. My girls have lost their grannie, had their little worlds turned upside down and being bullied by my sister (although I know it's not her fault) in their own home, the last thing they need is someone coming round questioning them about their mama and dada! Thank you again, I appreciate your advice X
I've also been bullied by them. When I'd come out of hospital after major abdominal surgery, they tried to bully me into looking after my housebound disabled mum!
One of my mottos is "Revenge is a dish best served cold". Tempting as it is to use unladylike language and tell them where to go (I've mixed with earthy steam engine owners for 40 years and have an "extensive alternative vocabulary"!)I just gather all the information I need to hit them with it where it hurts. After all, if something is written down they can't deny what it says.
Haha, that's brilliant, you have put a little smile on my face, thanks.
Terrible people and it is bullying, sorry to hear what you have been through. Awful to think that these people are supposedly 'caring' and looking out for children, such a shame as I know there are many good social workers out there but sadly I don't think the genuine ones can last in the job. The system needs a big shake up, hopefully my complaint will help X
Our LA was recently advertising for social workers, starting salary £30,000+. Always remember that if it wasn't for those of us caring for disabled people, they would not have a job. For that amount of money it should be a GOOD job, after all, we didn't ask to have a disabled member of the family just to annoy them did we? We are doing our best in very difficult circumstances, so should they.
You should defo contact cab for benifit advice and help and it sounds a very hard situation your in. Hopefully taken the advice from bowlingbun helps you and things start improving for you and dont worry about that terrible comment from social worker