Searching for good college in Liverpool

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My son is 16 and about to leave school this year,so we are in the process of looking for a good college for him in Liverpool. Although he has Aspergers and struggles making friends he really want to go to a mainstream one,can anyone suggests a good college in Liverpool,or what steps we should make in finding one
Hi Natalie,

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Does your son attend a mainstream school at the moment?

Does he have a statement/ EHC?

Yes he is in mainstream school at the moment but struggles as its such a big School,think a small college/school would suit him better.
Sorry forgot to mention no he's not statemented but is in the process off having an EHCP Drawn up for him
I'd ask the people drawing up the EHCP plan. In theory, all colleges should be the same. In practice, that's not the case!
It's my sons school drawing up the EHCP plan. But have lost faith in his school because he has been unhappy for five years whilst in there care, and we don't feel they gave him enough support and help, although they are not a specialist school and only interested in their grades and targets of the other students don't think they would've much help to us

You, your son and anyone who has had input into meeting your son's education, health or social care needs can contribute to his EHCP plan.

Your next stop is to to look on your local authority/ council website at their "local offer." This should lay out all the provision in the area. There should also be a list of all the colleges. Armed with the list, look up each college's website, by law they have to state what their provision is for those with special needs. Based on your research and those which look the smallest, visit them in turn. Go armed with a list of questions so that you can directly compare the colleges you visit.

When S was in transition he had a connexions worker. But then Connexions was disbanded. I don't know what/ if any organisation took on that advisory role as it was several years ago. Your son's school should know as Connexions advised all school leavers not just those with SEN.

You could also contact your local branch of the National Autistic society and IPSEA for guidance.

Might also be worth contacting some of the local special schools which cater for the more able SEN pupils and asking them which colleges their leavers have the most success in.

You could also consider independent providers and look up what is available on Natspec.

I'm sorry I can't recommend an actual college, but I don't live anywhere near Liverpool.

Let us know how you get on.

Thank you Melly1 i will do just that.youve been most helpful.
Any info on any of these colleges Croxteth park or Greenbank In Sefton park Liverpool