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Queen's state funeral - Carers UK Forum

Queen's state funeral

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hello everyone
My caree and I are both neurodiverse. They are currently watching the Queen's state funeral and I am listening to music. I am so fortunate that we are able to deal with this in our different ways. My caree thinks and feels deeply about death.
I hope that everyone, on this day and always, can look after themselves as well as their carees. I think that caring certainly impacts my mental health and I need boundaries to protect my wellbeing.
Take very good care all x
Hi Whatsnot,

thinking of you both today.

It sounds like you both have developed your own strategies.

For S it will be sticking to a normal routine, getting enough exercise etc He will be more settled once the TV schedules finally return to normal.

I will watch the funeral, S permitting and then catch the News later if I can.

The death of the Queen and unremitting coverage has brought back memories of lost ones for both of us.

Thinking of you and your family. I am also thinking of loved ones who I have lost. We had the hymn Love Divine at our wedding so I am reminded of happier times too.
My husband made his lunch at the usual time so has stuck to some of his routine, which is good. I watched the funeral service and am now back enjoying my music whilst husband watches however much he would like to of whatever else is happening now. Hopefully later today we will go for a walk together or I will go for my usual daily walk alone x