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Ongoing situation - Carers UK Forum

Ongoing situation

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.

I have posted here before and received some excellent advice. My son (nearly 18) was discharged home despite advice and recommendations from CAMHS, a forensic psychological report and against his wishes. He was working towards living with a carer under the Shared Lives scheme, but this fell through because Shared Lives felt he was too high a risk. We are now considering a group home close to us and my son has been to visit. However, our social worker has just told me that the managers do not know whether the home will be suitable and/or whether my son will fit in with the other clients (who are considerably more disabled than he is).

My son cannot live on his own and he wants the company of other people. The situation at home is not good and both my sons are on Child Protection Plans.

My son sleeps downstairs on the sofa and has no private space (which is important to him) and my younger son (nearly 16) has issues with control that are challenging. I have no faith that adequate care will be found for my eldest so tomorrow I intend going to the council offices and seeing if we can apply for a three bedroomed house, so that my eldest can at least have his own room. Yet, this would mean the constant supervision of the boys will have to continue. Furthermore, I do not know how I will afford a move to another property.

Has anyone any ideas how I can resolve this situation?

Try the Youngmjnd helpline
They are much more knowledgeable in this area. They can get busy so keep trying

Depending on what is in the Child Protection plans I'd be inclined to keep raising any safeguarding issues with SS if you feel any of your children covered by them are at any risk
Look up the name and phone number of your local councillor, and ask him or her to accompany you to the meeting with Social services.

We are still waiting to hear if the care organisation has accommodation that can meet my son's needs. My son's social worker has suggested that my son should present himself as homeless at the local council. He said this is the only way that my son will get the sheltered accommodation that he requires. However, I am very loathe to do this because my son is so vulnerable. On one hand we have a series of reports which recommend residential care; on the other we have care organisations who say my son won't fit in or he is too high a risk and now we have the choice of looking after my son at home (despite the Child protection Plans) or letting the council find him a homeless shelter (because I have no faith that they will suddenly come up with accommodation that will give him the support he needs).

I think I am just venting, but my eldest is not quite 18 years old and has never hurt anyone in his life. Why is it so hard to find somewhere where he will be safe and happy?
Err I hope the said Social Worker is going to go with your son to 'the hub' to explain his needs...I won't recommend it myself coz they won't ensure he's ok or safe.They'll put him in a hostel where he'll have to 'fend for himself'...It may not be suitable either..could be VERY unsuitable trust me...They left someone I know in a supported hostel for 3 weeks without any money and the 'staff' didn't help AT ALL. She was just 16 years old.