No support or resources for my two Autistic boys

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Michael, I see you are a new member today. Are you personally caring for someone? My 36 son has SLD due to brain damage. My biggest problem has always been "professionals" not listening to me. For eight years I was blamed for his behavioural problems and lack of development, despite the fact that his elder brother was polite, well behaved and exceeded all his milestones. Parents like me, and others here, really don't need to be given what appear to be extracts out of books!
As both boys are not yet 25, you could ask for an EHC (Education, Health and Care plan) assessment. Look at the IPSEA website for pro forma letters to send to the local authority. It is irrelevant how much DLA they get. All local authorities must have a parent advisory service for SEN which is impartial. Contact them for one to one help.
Good Luck.
I too have 2 ASD boys 23 and 20. I have had to fight every step of the way from getting a diagnosis to adult social care and everything in between. Being a carer is a never ending struggle to get ever diminishing resources.
I have two 'Aspies' - people with Asperger Syndrome and one son with autism. I have found that the best support where the two Aspies was concerned came from the Health and Social Care Trust's autism intervention therapist. She has been able to put me in touch with a number of different resources. It has been great to have her support as A and J don't fit the criteria for existing social work teams, so don't have a social worker. M, on the other hand, has a social worker, who is also very supportive and helpful, believe it or not!

I hope things work out for you and you begin to feel less lonely and cut off.

[quote="Michael_1507"]At the outset every new parents should learn about it and be vigilant to diagnose if their child is born with autism, it is quite easy to decipher with the child’s behavior within the first two years. A certain behavioral pattern that hints at a child’s possibility of being autistic can be diagnosed. Services that take care and deal with autism should be consulted with and the possible solutions should be worked out at the earliest from letting the disorder woe and ruin the child’s life. It is important that services are provided to the patient according to the variable spectrum conditions.

Not always straight forward to get a diagnosis. If your child gets a different diagnosis even if you know its wrong its harder to get a referal for diagnosis than it would otherwise be. That has been a big part of why my oldest didn't get his diagnosis until recently (age 18).