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Need for exercise

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Melly, in the past i had ear problems and was told not to wear plugs for in the shower because of bugs on the plugs Image and ear infections could arise........my gal expects me to read her mind, i wish i could somedays Image oohhh the scowls when she's thinking, my daughter targets the same sex, that took us ages to find out Image (years) men/hubby women/myself Image , but it can take months to manifest then she will errupt and it could be one word she will shout out and usually expletives Image . then we try to coax, its painful watching her go through the process and sort things out and make sense of things and then its the day to day living with her being in this anxious state as it does affect her health.............
Sometimes it can take weeks of frustration on both sides trying to mind read and the not being able to communicate. The citalipram seem to have taken the edge off the rages and anger, but have caused a sleeping pattern change.
Is there a council-run gym you could use? My lad goes swimming (100 lengths) once a week and also uses the gym - likes the cross trainer and the treadmill. And walks almost everywhere...
No1mum, that is good news about a way forward for funding the taxi.

Mand, S doesn't wear earplugs in the shower. He does wear them for outings and has recently started wearing them at swimming. The chlorine should surely make wearing them at swimming bug free.

Sounds like guess work is something we have in common!

Charles, yes there is. A year ago (last summer hols) I took S to enroll him and they were closed for refurbishing and then had a massive waiting list for the initial assessment. You are right, I should start the process again. Need to find out the quietest times.
S likes walking, but is best when the outing requires little/no social demands ie walking for the sake of walking is best. If it is combined with social demands, he can't cope with both. As my hip gets stronger and stronger my walking stamina is improving which means we can walk further and faster, but currently we are not in the same league. (is better though than when I was on crutches!)