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Need for exercise - Carers UK Forum

Need for exercise

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.

S needs lots of regular exercise otherwise he becomes anxious, restless and frustrated. I'm sure this is a combination of his youth (he is 19) and his autism.

Achieving this isn't easy particularly because I'm a fair bit older than him, he doesn't always want to exercise and I have a history of hip problems etc so fun ways of motivating him ie by chasing him and a bit of healthy competition aren't realistic.

If he doesn't get enough exercise he becomes more stressed and challenging which in turn makes accessing exercise "in the community" more challenging ...

He likes walking , likes running especially chase (but needs someone to run with him,) we are more equal in the swimming pool - but he seems reluctant to go these days, has a trampoline but uses it less than used too .....

He is a member of special olympics but finds the group aspect of training not always easy.

So how do you all cope with this? Ideas welcome!

In the winter is even more difficult; dark evenings, horrid weather etc

Would I be right in assuming some sensory issues, perhaps around hearing, Melly?

That might help to explain the swimming. Could S cope with earplugs? Or would they cause other sensory issues?
Hi Charles,
yes lots of sensory issues with hearing. He does wear earplugs when out and has recently starting wearing them in the swimming pool too, initially this seemed a great improvement and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of using them in this situaton sooner!

I'm not sure if the latest issue with swimming was that it was does feel very cold ... never used to bother him (he'd have swum till blue in the sea when younger, if I'd let him.) But the cold seemed to make him tense up.

Is he able to explain it? Or is it more about your asking different questions (probably at different times to avoid stressout) until you hit the right one?
Hi Charles, he can recount events but can't explain feelings, identify source of pain until it is raging ... 'tis all guess work, reading his behaviour etc Could just be that swimming with me is boring now he is too big for me to throw him into the water etc ....

I will persist at trying to get to the root cause and will continue to try gentle questioning when he is relaxed.

Don't you just love guesswork? Image Image
Image Image Image

By eck, guesswork is hard work. Have you ever noticed that you're just supposed to know what's wrong?? Ear plugs worked here for a while...sensitivity to noise, then they became a 24/7 problem....sore ears.
Hi No1mum,

S still believes I can fix all his problems and work out what they are) - no pressure then!!

Since wearing his earplugs more, he has had several ear infections, never had them before that. Did wonder if it was coincidence or a connection.

Any progress on transport fiasco? (only answer if you want to.)

That happens here Melly, F is like that with his Dad, gosh it is so tiring. Earplugs, possibly cause of infections, caused sore ears here. Re transport, the woman from connexions has put in for a £200 grant from princes trust to help with taxis.