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My son Thomas - Carers UK Forum

My son Thomas

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
My son was diagnosed with autism march last year. we thought it was aspergers symdrome. But the doctor said he scored higher then that on the spectrum. I have neaver got any support how to deal with my son autism. Like talking to other carers who look after ppl with autism. My son is comming up too high school next year. But to be honist I don't think he will cope with having to change classes every day. Cause when he changes classes in the school every september it upsets him. He also doesn't have sence of danger e.g. crossing roads and stuff. So I fear he'll either get run over or go off with a stranger. I also can't let him play out doors cause of this. And he has 3 sisters younger then him, that don't go out, cause of it being unfair on Thomas who don't understand why not. I am a over protective mum, who wished she could let her kids have more freedom. I won't let anyone else take them out for a couple of hours without me. I am just scared and stressed all the time.

Does anyone else go through this, or have gone through it? I have no local support groups either. Image
I'm in Merseyside too with 3 ASD. I'm at the north end of the borough.

I'm happy to talk if you want to or point you to some resourses.
kool where abouts in merseyside hun?
I'm in Southport.


im back how are you? Rory finally got diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, BESD, SID and dissasociation disorder and Perceptive evasion dysfunction what a mouthful! lol
Aw now I see who you are. Wrong forum Angel. LOL
i was on this one before aswell can you im me the link though for the other one too please?x