Last college day!!

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Well the day has arrived...Sam my 18 year old is at this very moment having his final A level exam!! Think I have been more worried than him which I guess all parents of a kid with Aspergers will relate too lol...thing is what next?!! Are our SEN kids entitled to a Disability Employment advisor?? Do I just make an appointment with him armed with his CV and go to the job centre?? He really is unsure as to what to do...(apart from "I want to earn thousands of pounds and drive a fast sports car!!") Help please??!! :roll:
Has he had any "Transition Planning"? If not, then ask Education or Social Services. My son has SLD, obviously your son is different as he is high functioning, but he still has special needs and I would have expected something to have been put in place already.
Thats a good idea...thank fact im going to email his SEN co ordinator at college and see if she has any suggestions as well!! Good luck to all facing transition of any kind :D
I'm a member of the Learning Disability Forum on facebook. Although my son is now 36, and therefore beyond school age, I've often seen mention of something called an EHCR (or similar). It's supposed to be something like a joint education and health plan for those with special needs up to the age of 25. Sorry this is rather vague, but it should point you in the right direction to find out more.
Hi Cazbrook,
I think BB is referring to an EHC (education health care plan. )

If your son had a statement, you could request a transfer. If not, you could still request one, but I suspect your son's needs aren't great enough to get one. Kick starting the process might unearth other local support/advice etc Do you still have a connexions service in your area? They took over the role of careers advisors, but may now have been superseded by something else.

Here are some links about EHCs: (animation explaining the process.)[/quote]

The NAS and local NAS groups often run courses for those with high functioning autism and Aspergers re employment and ASPIRE runs in some areas. All a bit of a postcode lottery, though.

How is your coping with the change of pace and uncertainty?

My son Jordan has also just finished college, and wants to get a job. In this area we have a supported employment service run by the Council which guarantees him a paid job for 12 months, at a rate of pay which means that he will take home more than he would get on ESA.
So, the referral has been made and hopefully I will have good news to report by the end of August.
That's sounds a great scheme, especially the guaranteed wage.
Yes, North Lanarkshire Council is justly proud of their services, and the guaranteed wage prevents the 'benefits trap' - I am ever so hopeful this will be a success. Jordan is a hard worker when he tries, and he is certainly motivated to seek success, but his communication skills and behaviour are sometimes wanting.
On average the people we work with are over £100 per week better off in work. ... leid=24037
Cazbrook, I hope the SEN coordinator has been able to assist you with moving forward with Sam's transition and that something can be put in place for him to progress well. It's such a shame that so often our young people do well at school and college, then everything stops because the services they need are not available. It's great when they can have structure to their day.

All the best to both of you!

Thank you to all who have suggested and commented on my original post...I am still in contact and trying to find out whats best for him...he does suffer from motivational issues so needs a regular timetable so to speak...thankfully he is eager to do something as he knows how down he feels when he is not motivated!!

I really think that more needs to be done for any SEN teenager etc to assist in transition into the workplace still seems sadly lacking!!

I will keep you informed and hopefully we will have a good outcome...eventually lol!!