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My Handicapped Son - Carers UK Forum

My Handicapped Son

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
I am a carer for my son who is 23. He hs autism, severe learning difficulties and epilepsey.
hi Lilyrose l too care for my daughter who has Autism, epilepsy and severe learning disabilities she also has hirchsrpungs disease which affects her bowel she will be in March does your son go to a centre my daughter goes do a centre runby cabability scotland as she also has a form of cerebal palsy she loves it there but has not been well enough to go for the past three weeks hope to get her back on Monday social worker is going to try and get someone to come in and help to get her up in the morning as she is becoming a handful even more so in the morning as she doesnt want to get up but l will have to wait until april till the new budget comes in people think it gets easier when they get older but l think its harder
best wishes to you and your son
take care
Hi Lilyrose and Jean. My son is 22 in less than a fortnight (where does the time go?) and he too has autism.

We had it harder getting social services when he was in his early teens compared to now, but many people we know have had it the other way around - we had that with his education, although I think we've now licked his college into shape!!
hi Jean,
My son does go to a Day Centre but last week we heard it is going to close in about 18 months. he loves it as well..It looks like everyone is going to be reassessed and we may have to pay for services by direct payment . Don't know much more than that at the moment.

Charles we have only had a social worker this last year as I had to go into hospital and she now wants to close our case which i have been told is normal procedure.

It is normal procedure to close cases once services are in place - but even so cases MUST be reviewed at least once annually, to ensure that services are (still) meeting the needs, and to discuss any other issues. The review should also update the carers assessment.
don't know if you got my first reply it disappeared from the screen, it was probably me.
here goes again. My son 33 diagnosed as having autism aged 2. -
he's been absent from his day service for two years due to a sever eye complaint - three operations - he coped very well - me not so good. I've looked after him 24/7 for two years and it's been hard. he will be going back this months. I will be sleeping. Image
On the assumption that he's gone back to the day centre now .............................................................................................................hope you had a good sleep!
Hello Derby Image

hope you are catching up with your sleep now you deserve it!!