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A lighthearted post about ''Special Interests'' - Carers UK Forum

A lighthearted post about ''Special Interests''

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
My Husband has Aspergers/ASD. My Eldest Son ( 34 )is waiting to be assessed, My Youngest Son ( 32 ) was Diagnosed with ADHD as a Child, But is also now being assessed for ASD.

They all have ''Special Interests'' Some very long standing and some That are around for a short time but with the same intensity. As the Only Neurotypical One in the house, I have had to Listen to, Watch, Be part of, Research and Join in a lot of these interests, Some I quite enjoy and Others that drive Me mad!

My Husbands longest Special Interest has been, Scooters ( Vespa and Lambretta ) and The Mod Culture.
His Current Interest is Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Everything that goes with it!

I am slowly losing the Will to live after having to watch All 106 episodes back to back of ''The Sons of Anarchy'' ( A series about a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gang in America ) and currently am Halfway through a rerun of the same series.

The Walking Dead Figures ( a previous interest ) have been replaced with Die-cast Models of Motorbikes and I now know the Complete History of The Hells Angels and Other Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs!

In some ways I am Happy that My Husband is again driving Me mad with His latest obsessions, As for the last 18mths He has been extremely unwell with Severe Depression.

Who else ends up becoming an Expert in Subjects They never thought They would and Do You share or Enjoy some of Your Son's/Daughters/Partners Special Interest. I enjoy and join in The Mod culture interest as I love Motown and Northern Soul. :silly:
I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 20. We married 3 years later. I knew he owned a steam roller, but hadn't realised how this would affect me. I've driven 9,000 miles in 5 weeks to go to a steam rally (we lived one side of Australia, the rally was the other!) I've shipped steam engines to England from Australia. I said I wanted a pushbike, but was told "its' too hot for that, so I bought you a motorbike instead, it's time you learned to ride". I wasn't told it was a very fast bike. I also rode his 1950's Ariel Red Hunter. We bought a house without an inside toilet, but with room for two steam engines etc. and so I learned how to do lots of DIY. In due course I became an excellent steam roller steerswoman. He then bought a traction engine which needed total restoration, which took 18 years, then won a prize for being one of the best engines at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the largest show of it's type in the world. Then he bought and restored an old lorry, so I ended up starting and running a one marque national lorry club, although my lack of interest in cars was so complete I owned a Sierra for 8 years without learning how to lift the bonnet. There is more, but all I can say is that I always knew where he would be, tinkering in his "shed" on his latest project. He died 8 years ago, life is so, so dull. Still, I'm off the Trevithick Day in Cornwall next weekend, with our son with SLD, so we can have a good fix of steam and natter with old mates. If M is lucky, he'll end up on someone's footpate.
Hi DancingQueen,
S's special interests are longstanding. He loves snooker: playing it, watching it and practising trickshots. Adores Big Break and collects snooker balls and marbles (especially solid, single colour ones.) He has snooker tables of different sizes, but a particular sized, small one is his favourite and whereas when he was younger they were easy to buy, now they seem obsolete. I have spent countless hours watching, playing, practising trickshots and talking about snooker.

He also loves Weathergen characters - used to shown in the ITV weather bulletin e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckrc9W58MAY and television idents e.g. http://youtu.be/metfZg5ekFA He knows a lot about them, watches them on the Internet, prints pictures of them and makes power points of them. He also shares them with me and talks to me about them.

I'm sure he'd do well on Mastermind if these were allowed as a special subject!

I remember when S was little and we had played snooker an awful lot, we went to our friend's house. She'd had her fill of playing an imaginative game involving cars on an ironing board with her NT daughter. So we swapped children and had a change of game. The difference is .... her NT daughter quickly grew out of her game but years later S still plays snooker and teaches me trickshots.

The advantage of these interests is that we can share quality time focused on them together and also if S is on the Internet he self occupies for awhile. When he was younger, I taught him how to do tens and units with snooker triangles containing 10 balls and loose balls.