Has anyone used the rethink autism website on there child

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Does anyone no if this website and indeed the a b a thing any good would it help someone who is very severe with s l d as well it's quiet expensive so not sure if it is worth the money given how bad my daughter is if anyone has any insight in to this I would greatly appreciate your help thanks jo
Sorry Jo - never used it, but I'm always wary of anywhere that charges a lot of money around autism - too much of it is quackery.
Thanks I was starting to think that to
Hi Jo,
I hadn't heard of this website, but I have heard of ABA. It is a behavioural teaching method used for some children with autism. A website trying to sell it to you for a lot of money is definitely a rip off. Why not borrow a book from the library and read up on it or watch video clips on youtube. I personally think the best way to help a child with autism is to dabble in different approaches, take the best bits from each approach.

I can vouch for ABA/VB, my son is now 16 and very profoundly autistic with severe learning difficulties. There are some really crucial things that must be in place for success though, mostly everyone has to be on board, this was to blame for a lot of the problems I had.
You need to be realistic, it isn't any kind of cure, it can help gain skills and manage problem behaviours.
I have had funding through LEA for a few years now, my experience has taught me to really research any providers, like anything else there is huge scope for charlatans and unfortunately I had such a person for the first year of funding Image
I think a good idea to save money is, as, already suggested purchase a book first to know if this is something you could do, the one most recommended and a really good source of information is The Verbal Behaviour Approach by Mary Lynch Barbera.
If you found it was something you could do then it could be worthwhile paying for an initial consultation, you could advertise for volunteers at the local college or T.A.'s in schools, anywhere that people could be looking to pick up valuable experience.
PM me if you want more info, I am not in any way affiliated to any company or involved in any way other than a parent.