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Aspergers and god - Carers UK Forum

Aspergers and god

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hi everyone,I am new to this group and after a number of years have joined a forum finally,long story short as i would be writing war and peace....my son was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of 8,he had various problems at junior school and they carried on to secondary school, detention's skiving off etc...at the age of 17 he got into Cannabis and we had hell for about 2 years until one day at a family party in Suffolk my son had a really bad hangover and went into a local church and read on the wall of the church, " believe in me and you shall be saved"well since then he has believed in god, sometimes its kept him on the straight and narrow,almost...but recently he has been talking really seriously about being saved and the end times when he will be saved, he listens to a black preacher who seems to have made my son more paranoid with it all, he use to listen to a woman who was a bit more stable,now i know people with Asperger's can tend to have obsessions with certain things,and just to say he was detained last summer under the mental health act due to his obsession with god (long story again)so.....anyone on here had any similar experience with family, friends..by the way he is 26 and still living at home, has few friends and has just started his first job since leaving school a temp job in London.
Thanks :)
Noreen, I write this cautiously, as in the end it's all highly subjective, as well as emotive, but 'in general' the forms of Christianity that tend to bang on about being 'saved' are what might be called the 'extreme' ones (and I'm sure that's a relative term!). By and large, they tend to be the 'non-conformist' ones, ie, more or less anything that isn't Roman Catholic or Church of England. So, think Methodists (although they are really pretty orthodox these days), Baptists (ditto), etc, but also the more 'far out' ones like Pentecostals.

Now, of course, in principle, any and all of those are perfectly 'OK' for most, most people, and for many people they offer a way of life, and faith, that is, indeed, a 'saving grace' so to speak. But, and this is where I'm being very cautious, they COULD potentially attract those who are less mentally grounded, stable, rational, etc etc.

My own suggestion would be that you yourself go and chat informally to someone like a Church of England vicar or an RC priest, or a Methodist or Baptist minister even, and say to them what you've said here, and see what they advise.

I guess what I'm recommending, so to speak, is a form of Christianity that is more 'everyday' in its expression, and one, too, given your son's social isolation, that has a lot of group activities that will embrace him, and, hopefully, do something cheerful and useful and helpful to others to absorb and interest him.

By and large, the Christians I know - ie, those who 'declare' so to speak, rather than just are rather passive ones like me, brought up as C of E and popping along to Church at Christmas etc and not much more - are very kind people, so hopefully he will be 'well looked after'.

That said, I personally, would say that if ANY preacher bangs on about hell fire, damnation, punishment, eternal flames, unbelievers being cast out, etc etc etc....should be TOTALLY avoided. To my mind they aren't Christian - they just get a kick out of scaring people. That isn't what Christianity is about at all. The Christian God doesn't do 'smiting' (as one Methodist friend I have keeps reminding me sternly!) (when I mention various individuals in the world who could probably do with a good Old Testament smiting by a wrathful Jehovah!!!)

Not sure if this helps at all, but I guess my basic message is that there is nothing to worry about with 'moderate Christianity' if I can call it that, as it is generally benign - well, it's intended to be!
Hi Noreen,
I'm sorry, I don't have any experience of knowing anyone with this obsession.

How fantastic though, that your son has just started his first job as a temp. You mention he has few friends, are they religious too?

Thanks for the replies sorry its a bit long after my post Christmas and all that....thanks Melly he still has the temp job...just about as he also has sleeping problems as well,the trouble is he will not accept any help that we suggest to him,I have told him to join a forum group online but he say's that he has grown out of his Asperger's, so its very difficult he has a will of his own, i just think he is a very complex person :-???