Discrimination in England for paid care

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
There is not 1 person caring in England who would be happy to find out that the rest of the British Isles who are caring in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are allowed to be paid via direct payment for care to someone they live with but those in ENGLAND are restricted by the say so of the L.A. It has been suggested by the O.T. I can get paid as a P.A., if my son goes into supported living because of the rules put in place to prevent those in ENGLAND caring in the same home and being paid. Fact is if the L.A. agree the rules can be bent. I know people who are being paid for much less of intensive care than I do and much much less of a reason to be paid backed up by L.A.

What do you think about this?
Its a big complex enigma.

Social services and health needs to be integrated much better, in my opinion

Voluntary organisations are usually better than social services departments
Hi Charm, the LA won't pay me at the moment, they say it's not "exceptional circumstances" however that term only applies if he was living with me, not in supported living.
Its not true that this happens in Scotland - we could barely get help never mind any payment the rules state a close relative cannot be paid for providing care - perhaps it depends on where you live?

I think the rules should be made simpler for all disabled people, they should be able to choose whoever they want, regardless, of age, race, or relationship.