Coping with an Aspie husband

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
I'm new on here and married to a man with Aspergers. It doesn't feel like a marriage. I care very much for him and he's a good man. No intimacy, not just talking about sex here. It's lonely and very few people understand what it's like trying to be in a partnership with someone with AS. It's near on impossible. He does care but his caring is very much in the moment. People think that those with AS don't have feelings. That's quite untrue but what my husband can't do is identify those feelings and that makes the world of difference. We can't share things at the same moment in time. Not usually in the same day or in the same week. If I help him to identify what's going in for him he finds it easier then 'I' get lost as its so time consuming and draining!
My husband of 12 years has Asperger's, and Depression. Our son, my step-son(whom I raised, he no longer lives with us now, he is 28 and on the psych ward in hospital) has Autism. I also manage all my mother's affairs (about 15 hours/week on the phone and internet coordinating care and finances) who has Alzheimer's. I live loneliness. I am also an addict. I am a compulsive over eater. Some will think that is not serious, but it is as life-threatening and impossible to manage on one's own as alcohol, drugs or any other addiction. My sister recently died as a result of being a compulsive over eater. She had congestive heart failure. My father died of complications of alcoholism also. Both in the last year.
We have no social life as my husband does not like visitors to our home, and is content to never go out with other couples or any social occasion with me, even family events. Occasionally though he will force himself to for my sake. He loves me dearly and is very thoughtful in every other way. He knows I need people in my life and supports me going out as I need or want to and having my own friends. However, I have lost all but two friends. One is very kind and supportive, patient when i do not call her for several days, she knows i deal with a lot. The other occasionally will give me a bit of practical help but is emotionally needy which drains me. I also have Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Managing the pain is a constant challenge.
The only thing that deeps me from giving up on life is my faith in God. When complete exhaustion, despair and helplessness take over, and I start to think of taking my own life, I remember that I believe my life is not my own, I belong to God. Without the bible I would be insane or dead.
My heart goes out to all you other care-givers, especially those who live with someone who depends on them. I feel less alone after reading some of your stories. Thank you for your honesty. God bless you all.