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Planning for the Future! - Carers UK Forum

Planning for the Future!

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
My daughter (age 33) has 'complex needs' in that she is blind, on the autistic spectrum and has a medical condition. This means she will always need a high level of support. At the moment she lives with me, quite happily, I am a reasonably healthy 61 year old who is able to be her friend/mum/facilitator and get her to activities she likes. We are working on her staying in the house on her own, (currently half an hour at a time) , she has her own phone so can press the SOS button which puts her straight through to me if her anxiety gets too much. I act as her Deputy for her 'financial affairs' - she has no idea about money, its value or how much things cost. I have made a will and, as no family member is able, have named the Solicitor as Trustee, now looking into Mencap Trustee services as they may have more expertise and cost less! Anyone out there with similar circumstances? Advice/support welcome.
Hi Pollyanna,

My son's only thirteen so my situation is only planning at present but I have used the Mencap Will and Trust service; I found them very helpful and efficient and considerably cheaper than setting up a Trust via a solicitor so I would recommend them, I found they've given me great peace of mind, at least as far as finances go! There was a thread with some info in it, I will see if I can find it :)
This had various bits and pieces in about Mencap's services and sorting out funerals and other cheerful topics!
http://www.carersuk.org/forum/support-a ... ulty-21644

Might be something in there that applies to your situation as well :)
Thanks for your message, I have booked myself on a Mencap Seminar in October to find out more about their Trust Services.