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For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
At last we have it in black and white that partners son has aspergers, assessment a few months ago diagnosed LD not aspergers, lovely clinical psychologist wasn't happy and did a more detailed assessment, got the report today. Image
Good, now you have something to wield at professionals.

Having an accurate diagnosis may help him to understand himself too. Does he suscribe to Aspergers United - a free mag produced and distributed through the NAS by those with Aspergers for those with AS?

No he doesn't Melly, I'm the one who chases around finding out all I can.
A colleague at work's son, was finally given an official diagnosis of AS in his late teens. I gave her a copy of the mag and she left it lying around, eventually he picked it up to read ... and she has arranged for it to arrive each month,

Worth a try, saying that he never picks up magazines or books, everything is computer orientated.

maybe worth contacting the magazine editor and asking him if it could be emailed to stepson as an electronic copy. They might even have an option for this and it's just that I opted for the paper copy.

Just looked online and if you scroll down on this page;

there is a pdf version.

Worth a try.

Thanks Melly. Image
Good to hear you finally got confirmation. I remember discussing this with you ages ago!
A very long time ago Charles, important thing is we have the dx in black and white.