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Carer's Assessment

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
my son as some difficulties on self control and asked some help, had a CHAMS app was promised some therapy but time goes by...and is so hard to cope with his tantrums my lovely son for moments changes into a completly different person, and he suffers moments after he regrets and apologizes...I don't want to fall into self pity but I am glad that at least is possible to have professional help...teenagers, testosterone and autism O.M.G...having a very hard time and he does not like changes but is facing transitions for colege so of course very scared... this is triggering more tantrums and meltdowns...almost had not in childwood but are coming out now...errrr any tips strategies to cope???? :) IT is also my sons strong focus and learning new languages....errr
Hi Paula,
been there got the T shirt! S went from being a passive child who coped well with daily life as long as autism strategies were in place, to someone unpredictable who started to display challenging behaviour. Hormones, autism , transition and new health problems were a difficult combination. I was permanently stressed too as I often felt powerless and could see him regressing and was dealing with this whilst fighting for funding and a suitable college place. Thankfully we are coming out the other side, due to a combination of strategies I developed for home, his age (he is now 23) and college. However, I'm worried what will happen after college ...