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Camhs appt - Carers UK Forum

Camhs appt

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Camhs appt has come through for 10th Oct. Not really sure what to expect from it. The only experience I have of camhs was when my eldest two saw them after their Dad died and that was only once without me being there.
Having a particularly stressful afternoon, partners son is stropping big time because my son doesn't want to play a wi game with him.
Hi K,
Iv had no dealings with them, so cant advise, but good luck xx
Thanks Tracey.
Hi No1mum,

Cahms success very much depends on the expertise of the person who takes on the case. Some are fantastic and some are really lacking in understanding of ASD. Hope you get one of the good'uns. Sorry partner's son is stropping ...

Thanks Melly, I got the impression that they would want to meet all of us individually as well as meetings with F, feeling as though I may be a bit out of my depth. Hoping we do get someone who does know what they are talking about.

Hi No1mum,

Cahms usually start by building a case history/background and to do this they will get information from different folk to get an all round perspective. Once they have gathered the information they will decide on the best way to help. This could be working directly with the young person or working with the family to help them develop strategies and support the young person or work with the young person and family together or a combination of these.

If they "get" ASD then it should prove helpful.

Don't feel threatened or out of your depth. They might be experts in mental health and behaviour, but you as a family are experts in your children/step children. Without your expert knowledge and insight, Cahms wouldn't even be able to make a start.

Thanks Melly, will now see what this first appt brings and will keep you all posted.

I've had both good and bad experiences of cahms. As Melly said they take detialed informatino from you. They are more likley to see you together for the first time and then go from there. Don't be worried.
I'm a born worrier Sparkly. Feel less apprehensive now I've got all your replies. thank you.
Fingers crossed for you all Karen

x x