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Hi everybody, I'm new on here and main carer of my 13 year old who has diagnosis of Aspergers, ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome and Oppositional Defiance Disorder... the list goes on lol. He is also transgender which attracts negative attention. He is a very bright child but struggles with social interraction and is very young emotionally. Anyway, out of desperation I am on this forum to ask you all if you have much support in the area you live in? We have absolutely NO help at all. We come up against brick walls constantly, can never get an appointment with CAMHS or the GP and it is so frustrating because nobody takes us seriously. Surely there are areas where the services aren't so overstretched to help you? We would be willing to move anywhere to get the help that my child so desperately needs. We feel invisible in Exeter, Devon. Since leaving mainstream school 3 years ago, my child has completely gone off the radar. We send him to a private school that we have to pay for despite him having a Statement of Special Educational Needs. However, he is being bullied badly resulting in school refusal. He is flexi schooling now but the school haven't even given him a curriculum to follow at home. Is it us or...? The school don't seem to care and show no interest in him - and we are PAYING for it. Unbelievable. We honestly don't know where to turn next. Any advice or guidance would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!
Google IPSEA, then give them a ring on Monday. They were absolutely WONDERFUL when I had battles with my LA over my son's schooling. To cut a long story short, they supported me to appeal all the way to the Secretary of State for Education to get the funding for the private special school he attended. (The word wonderful is seldom used by me about anything!)
If you live in Wales there is new guidance from the Welsh Government for children and adolescents on the Spectrum.

Any use? (Sorry if it's already known to you). THey say they have centres in Horsham (sussex), Cheshire and London, none of which is near to you at all alas.

Wishing you as well as can be in an intensely difficult situation.
There is (or used to be) a specialist CAMHS facility at Prestwhich in greater Manchester you could ask your GP to make a referral to them?

Also national autistic society have a website and helpline and a magazine
Hi Sheryl
In my experience, general private schools don't have the direct links into extra services like state schools do. We may moan that often support isn't linked up, but it is more linked if one stays in the system rather than outside it. Private, specialist schools are differnt of course.
I'd highly recommend contracting who have a far better grasp of the spectrum than any local service does. Was the National Autisic Society.
Thank you everybody for your very helpful replies. I will look into all these suggestions. Cheers! Sheryl