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For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Any one have any thoughts on this...

Claims that insufficient care leaves autistic children at risk of mental health problems

Read here
Thanks Rosemary Image
My oldest was referred to CAMHS, the first line treatment was the usual offer of Kiddie Anti depressents which we declined. He received some CBT and all was going well till the results of his psychometric testing placed him below the magic IQ of 70, he was then referred to the LD service which is just dreadful, not at all appropriate and no help whatsoever for him.
Like the lady in the article we have researched and provide therapy for both our children that are not available either through NHS or Education.
The only progress we have seen in our boys is through therapy that we ourselves have had to fund, school has been a glorified child minding service and doctors worse than useless.
Yes Thank you Rosemary,
I had never heard of CAMHS until today and then I hear the name twice. Firstly perhaps people to contact about my daughters mental heath problems and then by you. So worth persuing or not??
I also found in the artical this:
“One of the problems is that CAMHS doesn’t deal with children with learning disabilities and autism doesn’t fit into learning disabilities or mental health.

This I find very interesting as my sister is doing a report for a county council where this problem came up!! I will show this artical to her so thanks again.
You're both welcome.
it took u 15 years of fighting to finally get a proper diagnois for our son whose Aspergers i've looked into it alot over the years and have used many techniques to help him and he's learned alot of coping stragies. We were finally sent to CAHMs which tuned into one of them most disappointing times in our lives at first they didnt want to give him another LABELL her words but without a diagnois we had no where to go so finally we got a diagnois to be told oh but where mental health we cant help you. We have now been discharged with no support yet again!!!
There's no help or support whatsoever for children with Aspergers!!!!!