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sensory rooms

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
I don't know if this is helpful but one of the things we were told would be good for Jazz would be a calming space/room we were going to make our shed into that area but chose to do it all in her room, one of the things that surprised us was the price of lighting ect aimed at children with special needs, there was no way we could afford those prices so we shopped around and the end result was great and very helpful when jazz needed to calm down.
Most of the stuff we got from Argos however some bits like the materials we picked up cheap in our local market.

color changing lights with fader ARGOS £10
lava lamp ARGOS £10
wall attachable touch lights (battery operated) POUNDLAND £1 each
carpet samples (various colors) free from most carpet shops we cut them into shapes and put them on the wall and floor
UV ceiling stars AMAZON
bean bag ARGOS
luminous paint CRAFT/ART SHOP we painted patterns on her wall
baby night light ceiling projector £10 + ARGOS/AMAZON
wind chimes from our GARDEN CENTER
different textured materials LOCAL MARKET approx £1 meter
pink black out blind ARGOS (price varies depending on the size)
might not be exactly how the pros would do it but saved us a fortune and works great when she needs time out and I even go in there when I need to chill down Image
Sounds fantastic!! Post us some pics. You could set up a sideline ... "affordable sensory rooms on a budget" I bet other parents would be queuing up for your services. We have to be so eventive don't we. Glad it is helping Jazz.

Sounds Great Sarah,

Bet Jazz loves it, Would like to see pictures x
My brother uses his bedroom as a place to chill out - it is on the ground floor and when ever he wants a break from the lounge (or us!) he goes in there. We made his stuff (CDs/Videos) accessible, have a choice of how light the room is, and a light display. I also use my iPad to put on a fish aquarium which helps him settle to sleep (as a night light) on the odd occasion.

Whilst you can spend a fortune on these things, you can try some relatively cheap things and if you do it step by step can see what works, what does not.

Hope it all works out whatever you do.