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Autism programme on just now - Carers UK Forum

Autism programme on just now

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
BBC4 growing children.

Just watched the programme and found it very moving. Sorry can't really express how I feel but glad some of the issues have been discussed.
Set me off crying. Living with Autism in many ways feels like a living berevement for the lives lost, my sons', my own. So busy coping from day to day, afraid of the future, yet just existing from day to day.
I only saw about the last 20 mins of this, totally by chance. I have seen the psychologist before in other tv programmes and wasn't very keen on her then but she seemed to have more understanding in this programme.

My daughter has Prader-Willi syndrome and has never been diagnosed with autism although more and more info is coming to light that shows there may well be links, a lot of the behaviours can be very similar. Staff at her current residential placement feel that she may have Aspergers.

I guess this is a rite of passage for many of us who have children who are different, it is frightening and we grieve for what should have been but is not.

I don't know the name of the lad of 15 I think it was, whose mum had decided on residential to teach him social skills..that lady acknowledged that it was important for her lad to move on and I admired her for that.
It was something that I found very difficult to comprehend but is something that comes to us all..it's hard to learn how to let go. x
I found the programme pertinent and thought provoking. I especially enjoyed seeing the 15 year old lad and his Mum, she was fab - using all the strategies she did enable communication, the activities she did with him etc Watching her brave decision to help him towards "independence" emotional, as one day that'll be S and I.

I missed it Image
Thank you Melly, Never think too look there..will take a look later when i get some free time Imagex