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Update on my Son - Carers UK Forum

Update on my Son

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
The support worker was able to meet with the employer's wife, who is quite involved in the business. She said that M's productivity had dropped since he first started and the support worker has told M that he needs to try and go a bit faster and not let himself get distracted. She did say to me that it wasn't very helpful for the workers to tell him to hurry up. He says he finds it distracting when someone tells him to do something when he's already working on something for someone else. It's just something that needs to be worked on. I have also tried to tell him to try and move a bit faster and that the business needs a certain number of things done over the course of a day and I think he is beginning to understand that. Another thing that has happened is that the support worker was able to persuade the employer's wife to reduce M's hours, so that has been good.

Never mind the speed what about the Quality.

The quality and precision of his work may be better than those who go quicker perhaps?
Do they tell him in advance what needs doing? Does he have his own jobs, or do they chop and change the work he has to do a lot?
Hi Colin and Bowling Bun,

Sorry for not replying sooner.

There is probably some truth in what you suggest, Colin. M is thorough in his work, but the other workers and his employer are more interested in getting the work done speedily. When he tries to work faster, he becomes flustered and then he can't do the task in hand at all.

BB, M is given tasks to do at the beginning of each day and is not supposed to be given any new tasks after a certain time. When people ask him to give them a hand with something or even take someone's shopping out to the car, he regards this as a new job and doesn't like it. Also, one of his regular jobs is to clean the mincer, but he has to wait until the other workers have finished using it, which often is close to his finishing time, which makes him late finishing and he doesn't like that either.

M was sent home early from work last Friday because he had mixed some leeks in with some sausage meat without being asked and it turned out they weren't meant to go in there at all. His employer was raging. I think he might have sent M home before he did him an injury. People at work thought I would also be raging with him, but I wasn't, I just told him he would have been better asking first, and took him out to Costa for a Frappucino (sp?)

Hi Gilli
Have you thought about trying to find a different job for your son? It does sound as though this one isn't right for him and a less pressured environment might be better? Just a thought
Hi Mrs A,

It would be difficult to find another job for M. Interestingly, his boss and his wife, who live a few doors down from us - the shop is next door to us - have M most Thursday evenings for dinner and occasionally the boss will take M to the cinema. That arrangement would probably come to an end if M went to another job. When M does mention about going somewhere else to work, they all try to put him off, which makes me wonder why and if they really want him to stay.

He has been trying to contact his support worker to discuss a number of issues, because he keeps being told that she decided certain things that I know is most unlikely.