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Caring for everyone on overload - Carers UK Forum

Caring for everyone on overload

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hi, all
I have an autistic son 13 with learning difficulties, a 6yr old Drama Queen and a partner who unfortunately for her has a lot of illnesses to battle through. I do everything in the house, school runs kids etc and I am almost coping but the mental health side of things with my partner is always an issue. There have been a few attempted suicides in the past and her tablets are always being altered to suit. There is no balance in our relationship, I feel I am constantly worrying about what I say as I don't want to upset her. I am talking about the normal bickering that goes on and just having a moan. Sometimes it feels as though I am just there for everyone else and my feelings are an afterthought. Is anyone else in this situation?
Very familiar I'm afraid. Are all the children yours?
What help are you getting for your son? 9my son is now 39, severe learning difficulties in some areas due to brain damage. Getting the right help was a struggle.
Hi, Yes both mine. We do have help with my son as we are lucky enough to live by a children's centre that caters for his needs. I am very grateful of this or we would be truly lost xx
Hi Kim,

If they are both yours, then that means that you have a decision to make, to stay, or to go.
IF your partner is really, really trying to help herself, then maybe a third option, give an ultimatum of six or 12 months, and if no change, she moves out (as it's the family home, she should go, not you and the kids).
To me, the welfare and wellbeing of the kids comes first, you brought them into the world, so your responsibility.

Tough decision. So get counselling locally, to talk through things with you.

One final thought, is your partner jealous of your kids taking time away from her?