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Carers UK Forum • autism branch - Basingstoke hospital.
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autism branch - Basingstoke hospital.

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 3:06 pm
by rosemary
Launch of autism branch greeted with enthusiasm.

More than 200 people attended the event, which was held at The Ark Conference Centre at Basingstoke hospital.

The branch will be run by a voluntary committee of 11 members for families that are in some way affected by autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

Paula Fretwell, the new branch officer, whose son has autism, said: "We aim to provide services, activities, days out, events, social groups and clubs for young children who require early intervention, older children, teenagers and adults who have ASD, as there is so very little in this area that caters for them.

"We have received a grant from the Local Network Funding, which we are delighted about, so we can start putting these clubs and activities into place."

Speaking at the launch, Robert Prichett, regional director of the NAS, said: "Your local influence is absolutely essential if the NAS is going to deliver change to people with autism."

The evening's guest speaker was Professor Bob Remington, from Southampton University's school of psychology, who gave a presentation on "Outcomes for Children and their Parents of Early Intervention for Autism".

The branch is not yet running from a venue, but it will hold monthly support group meetings at The Ark.

If anybody can help the branch to find a venue, or wants more information about its services, contact Miss Fretwell on 07813 298066 or e-mail paulajrf@hotmail.com