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Autism and pain threshold - Carers UK Forum

Autism and pain threshold

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hi everyone,

This thread is after Jean and myself had a chat about her daughter and my brothers high pain threshold.Also,I have read a few articles online which touch on this.

My brother has had several broken bones over the years and sometimes was a few days before anyone realised something was wrong.Doctors have said he should have been in great pain but showed no signs of it.

Does any one else caring for loved ones with autism have any comments to add to this??

x x x
Hi Rosemary

One of the strange things about autism is the reaction to sensory stimuli. A person with autism might literally feel pain from being in a crowd, while they show no reaction to heat, cold, or burns and broken bits. It's amazing. When Michael was very small, he rarely reacted to any discomfort but would flap and giggle in a breeze as if he was being tickled.

Nowadays he responds to pain more like a drama queen on a "good day" but you could cut his arm off without anaesthetic on a not so good day and he wouldn't respond.

Confusing, isn't it?
Hi Rosemary

My Mum would have a high pain thershold while she is having an agigated period and is only when she is calm that she'll feel the pain resulted from her agigatation. She'll swing her arms and hands so hard that she ends up with bad bruising, I got to keep her away from anything that she will harm herself on, but she'll always mange to grip onto to something, mainly me!

Hope that everyone is well

Take care
M x
lisa has got a very high pain threshold she used to bang her head on the floor when she was having a tantrum she is at her worst if she is somewhere where there is a lot of noise or crowds and she just struggles with anyone to get away she hates balloons wont go near them wont even pass them in a shop window lisa walked about with a broken thumb for two dayys until l noticed she was holding her hand in a funny postion she also had torn ligaments and she never felt a thing but if she has a tiny tiny cut that you need a magnafiying glass to see she screams the place down but l think thats because she wants the mark taking a way as with the Autism it is alien to her and shouldnt be there and if she does feel pain she looks at me when l touch what evers sore and says do you feel it she thinks l can feel her pain l do but not in the way she thinks my heart bleeds for her some days as she can be in a lot of pain and as l say she has a high pain threshold so it must be bad
hope everyone else is fine and like me enjoying the light nights
take carexx
My son has Aspergers and one day he started digging at his foot and when I asked what he was doing he said that he had something in his foot and it had been in there for 2 days didn't tell me.
He had Pneumonia when he was in his teens and the doctor said that he didn't know how he coped with the pain Daniel didn't say he was in pain once.
my daughter has Autism and has started pulling her hair out this is a new thing for her and she has started to get bald patches has anyone heard of a person with Autism doing this would really appreciate any feedback on this as its beginning to worry me dont want to rush to doctor as l feel as its our second home as it is
thanks again
and take care everyone
I've only ever heard of hair tugging as an obsessive behaviour - not pulling it out by the roots. Has anything happened at a day centre or something where Lisa had her hair pulled?

Or it might be to do with a pain - headache or something - if she's not able to tell you?

Or might something be upsetting her?
Hi Charles she has always been obsessed with tying everything in knots her hair included but never pulled it out before she is attending neuro with terrible head pains had a scan done last week just waiting on result they think it is chronic head pain but she cant really tell me how bad it is but it must be quite bad as she has never complained of any pain before and with her other disabilities she does or should feel pain but has never complained l keep finding bits of hair all over the place as you know l lost my dad in october 2006 and she was really close to him as he lived with me since lisa was 4yrs old this is the only thing that l can think of that could have upset her to this extent it could be that l just dont know what to think l should get result of scan next week and l will take it from there if scan is clear l can then look into it more and look for any other reason
thanks for your reply
take care
We believe daniel to be aspergers but no formal diagnois we've had many a broken bone wth Daniel but very rarely shows signs of pain.The first time was when he was 6 he broke a bone in his foot althouhg he told me his foot hurt which is nothing un common as he wore splints he didnt particularly complain and he certainly didnt cry.Bless him he walked all afternoon got him home and took his hsoes off and woow it was straight to A&E we had to talk the doctor into xraying it though as they said he should have been in tremendous pain but didnt show any.Finally after much discussion and to shut me up the xrayed and yes it was broken the couldnt beleive this six year old wasnt screaming the place down never mind he was still walking on it.
He's since gone on to break his collar bone twice the one time we only new because he bumped his head and he metioned an 'ache ' in his shoulder.
he also not aware of temperture will have just a t-shirt on when freezing!
Hi Welshie - the temperature thing is quite common too. My autistic son gets too hot in a winter coat even when its freezing!