Any Other Aspie Wives Out There?

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Just wondering if there are any aspie wives on this board? It looks like there are plenty of parents here. Be great to hear from someone if there is,
I have just joined Carers UK this past weekend.
I am married to an elderly aspie (76) and find life with him very difficult and at times depressing.
I am searching for other wives who have aspie husbands and how they deal with them.

My husband was diagnoised about 3/4 yrs ago, not only has he aspergers but also the onset of dementia.

Best wishes
Hello Margeret-and welcome to my world!! I have been waiting some time to meet another aspie wife or hubby so I am glad you have posted.
My hubby-although younger than yours- probably displays the same challenges.It does get very depressing at times because my hub doesn't like to go out much, or doesn't like people much either.He gets in moods so you can feel very isolated, and he currently has a broken foot which isn't helping at all.
Please tell me a bit more about your situation.You can always send me a private message if you like.
glad to hear from you.I am 54 by the way.
Just wondering if there are any aspie wives on this board? It looks like there are plenty of parents here. Be great to hear from someone if there is,
By aspie wives do you mean an aspie who is a wife or the wife of an aspie?
Hi,I meant the wife or husband or partner of an aspie.The aspie's other half !! it's pretty rare to meet anyone else who is married to an aspie, in fact,I haven't yet !!
Hello Again,
Just checking to see if you have had any more for me none.
Maybe we are the only two that dare admit we are married to

How are things with you? Here up and down days.

His driving is getting worse, but maybe that is just aging.

I find if I can be out of the house more then I can in a fashion cope. But neither of us are getting any younger.

I find that as he gets older he fails more than ever to listen, it's as if he spends more time in his own thoughts, he also spends alot of his free time in his room either reading or on the computer. When he is on the computer all he seems to do his information look at Tesco, Asda etc petrol prices,or things that are of a scientfic nature, things that are going on around the world.When I ask him what he has been doing he replies..Oh! I have been thinking about doingmy life story or family history...and that's it...he only thinks.
he doesn't have anyone to communicate with him as I do, not even family. Shame.

Today I heard someone at my tai chi class mention AS in adults but I didn't get chance to speak with them, so next week I willmake a special effort to find out more.[/size][/size]
Anyway how's things with you.

Well that's my sounding off.

take care
Best wishes
Hi Magrat

I've met several mums of kids with autism spectrum conditions whose partner was undiagnosed but almost certainly on the spectrum themselves. Most couldn't accept there was anything wrong with their children because "he's just like me..."
Hi Margrat, lovely to hear from you (and the others !) I have made contact with an Aspie group in my area- but no partners amongst them.The worker said there has never been any to her knowledge.This put me off a bit but she said I should still go as it may hearten parents that their children may find partners.I don't know about that.
Yes,I relate to the computer addiction of your hubby but that might include lots us Image The information gathering is what I meant - mine too.Long lists of things he repeatedly looks at,it's all in his routine.I can't believe it but today we had the curtains open !! they are normally shut all day as my hub doesn't like people.

best wishes
Image Hiya
I am the mum/carer of a 14 year old son with Aspergers...i met my fiance three years ago who is by day i learned that he possibly has the (undiagnosed) syndrome also as he shares so many traits with my son!!! Just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation?.. Image

I am an undiagnosed aspie mum of two aspie sons, aged 20 and 14 who also have ADHD. As you can imagine my home is very lively. I have had to give up work to be a carer for my 14 year old, but now he is in a specialist ASD school, he isnt sent home quite so often!! Unfortunately, I suffer with depression and high anxiety, so I dont like going out. My husband shows autistic traits also.