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Aspergers son ..24yrs....stuck - Carers UK Forum

Aspergers son ..24yrs....stuck

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
hiya new to this, i have 2 sons 22 n 24 yrs old..eldest diagnosed at 21yrs..schools and all medical people we saw would never accept anything different. Too much write on ere what my life been like as single mum(we divorced when lads 2n 4) dad stayed away.
My problem is my eldest with asps is so like any other lad that it been hard for others to accept his issues. he works but is getting in debt and wont listen or take help to sort it out. he also has been violent and verbal is disgusting towards me , seems to resent my trying. he now wants to get his own place but he is forgetful and i am worried he get into worse debt. Never had social workers or extra help although he had special needs who chat and see him weekly through school( but woudnt accept he had issues)...i know there a lot worse on ere and i do feel for u all.... not to be selfish but i am stuck plese help if can x
Your in the same place as me then with children with hidden disabilities.

Well mine are adult too at 28, 23 and 18.

It's hard work isn't it especially with no services to help.

All I can offer is (((hugs)))
Do you have a local Aspergers group? Maybe your local autistic society could put you in touch with some help and advice for your son.
Image ta pixie...what do your kids have...are they all Asps... ..n ta means a lot to know someone has similar situation and replies....x

To ensure your privacy I have deleted your email address that you had posted for Pixie.I have forwarded it to her via pm though.

Image thanks vicky and i am looking into possible Asps support n carers support near me..trouble with me is that when things are good i tend to lapse..i know i do it n shouldnt....and if i find a group or help i am not sure how to involve my son as he is reluctant to ask or attend.....i asked him when on good day to look up on net bout Asps n tried explain that there are lots people the same....he replied whats the point in reading others probs.....i hoped he would n see he could get something from knowing....thaks for reply means a lot ...whats your situation?.....x
I have two sons with autism, the eldest is 15 and high functioning so lots of cross over with Aspergers Syndrome.
We have an Asperger group here but just heard the Council is withdrawing one million pounds of funding this year in their money saving efforts, shame they can't look closer to home and shed some of the dead weight drawing salaries, eh?
Anyway, back to my son he is similar to your young man in that he is very reluctant to touch base with others like himself and has become very socio phobic as time has gone on, he doesn't seem to get any comfort from talking to others in a similar position because to him they are not at all like him, he thinks they should be exactly like him.
It's very difficult to watch this unatural existance, seems so alien to me when I remember my own youth, not much help I know, but that is our situation.
Hello there - it's a fight to be diagnosed with Aspergers when they get older. My son is now 33 and has only been diagnosed for a couple of years. He is seen by the complex cases team, and gets by with the support of a social worker and different groups he goes to.
I'm sorry that I have no advice, other than try to get him to keep seeing the Doctor to tell him of his problems and ask to be referred to the mental health team. You could see his GP and let him know how much you are worried about your son?
You will have to get the GP to see how serious you think your son's condition is - maybe then some notice will be taken. xx