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Aspergers - no help! - Carers UK Forum

Aspergers - no help!

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hi there,
This is my first time browsing this site /forum; & after reading your post and a few others; I am beginning to feel, a little 'less isolated' in my own plight and the constant barrage of challenges faced for approx 4 years now, in trying to get some specialist support and intervention for my son, who was diagnosed with ASD at age 15.

I realise this not much help to you, but I just wanted to let you know - I have had similar ongoing situation; having turned to Social Services for help and support for my son - who's behaviour became very bizarre and risky at age 15, after befriending a local lad who he went out with and hung around with from morning until last thing at night. He never came home for dinner and began neglecting his personal care and totally lost interest in meeting up with or even talking to family members, inc his brothers.

Social Services have never had any regard toward his diagnosed conditions (ADHD and ASD); pretending not to notice just how 'ill equipped and socially awkward he is, among peers.
This left him. Extremely vulnerable and at risk of exploitation, from his 'new found friends!'
He displayed total loyalty toward them, soon becoming abusive and very disrespectful toward me (the only person, who did anything and everything to try and protect him and keep him safe).

He was obsessed with a very poor peer group, who had no work ethics, mostly homeless and this led him to 'go with the flow' and he started smoking legal highs. (The sudden presence of 'Legal High Shops', seemed to emerge on every high street - attracting many youngsters from age 12-18 mainly). This was to see my son rapidly decline and his physical wellbeing was at an all time low.

He quickly became addicted to these 'lethal and sometimes fatal' concoctions of chemical substances - which took their toll and he became nasty, desperate and a total mess. When he wasn't sprawled out on the floor somewhere, totally wasted & oblivious to the world -he was staggering along the road, like an old 'pi - - head'

To cut a long story short, he became very aggressive, violent and very volatile - I could no longer have him at home, but loved him & cared very much. Social Services offered him no help & gave me no support - I was drained, running on empty trying to look out for him, as nobody else would. I always felt and clung to, his situation being the outcome of being unsupported, I felt everyone (inc his father); saw him merely as a Thug - Social Services too!

In September 2015; his actions/behaviour really worried me - he was talking incessantly about God - the Devil and other weird religious aspects - he went out from the home and I feared either him or somebody else being hurt - given his state of mind?

I contacted his Social Worker, local mental health team - saying it was a crisis and describing my son as delusional and Psychotic. Nobody wanted to know or help, I was mortified.
In the end I contacted Police, who eventually located him and they were concerned also by how he looked and things he was saying.

They arranged MH assessment and my son sectioned under the MHA 1983. He is still an inpatient detained in a hospital under section and 200 miles from home! He now has a diagnosis of Scizoaffective Disorder also.

My point in covering this is, had Social Services acted accordingly, assessed his needs and put in appropriate support and intervention - it may never have had to come to this? Also, in them treating me as some kind of overprotective mother and not taking my son's difficulties seriously - things deteriorated rapidly. We, my son especially; have had to endure so much distress and anxiety needlessly and my son now also has an extensive 'criminal record' - for shoplifting (food and sweets); criminal damage (property /car damage - following arguments /altercations etc).

As my son is getting closer to discharge now, he will at least have the support entitlements within the CPA and Section 117 of the Mental Health Act; but I expect that will still entail much monitoring and insistence from myself. But please don't be disheartened and continue to fight for your son's rights. Keep hold of everything you hold dear about your son - as he was once, which may eventually be seen again - once he feels better supported & specialist intervention made available to him!?!

Despite all the turmoil, heartache and despair endured over the years - I am so glad I stuck by my son and held on to the belief that something was wrong/an underlying cause?
Good Luck, hope things change for the better soon - just keep on their case!!
All the best!!
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Hi Nadia,
Welcome to the forum. How terrible that no one would help you and your son when help was needed. What's the plan for him post discharge?

I have split your post from the original thread and started a new one.

I suggest posting an introduction on the New to the Forum thread so that others can welcome you.