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Re: Any Other Aspie Wives Out There?

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:00 am
by AspieMum
Hi Magrat

I've met several mums of kids with autism spectrum conditions whose partner was undiagnosed but almost certainly on the spectrum themselves. Most couldn't accept there was anything wrong with their children because "he's just like me..."
Charles this is just SO true.

Hi Charles and Melly Image

Denial certainly does occur, I agree.

Something which is happening more frequently nowadays though, is the parent learning more about themselves through their child's diagnosis.

I've read of a couple of examples recently where an adult has referred themselves for an ASD diagnosis because they have so readily identified with their child. In both of these examples, the adult expressed a sense of relief at their own diagnosis.

Does this make sense? (Sorry, I'm not having a great day today - memory's not great at the moment).

S. xx
I found out about Aspergers and was told by the special needs Sure Start workers working with my children that they thought I have it at about the same time as it was spotted in my kids. There are a number of possible undiagnosed aspies in my family, from my Grandma's generation downwards, but none of them either know or would want to know. Of my 3 children 2 are on the spectrum- one has AS & ADHD and one has Autism & is waiting to be assessed for ADHD. They are twins. My ex didn't have an ASD but looking back I suspect he had other stuff he could have been diagnosed with if he wasn't frightened of doctors. When it came to me actually getting my diagnosis it was very hard to find somewhere that diagnoses adults & it was only with help from my sons' social worker (my now ex-husband, & the children's dad, had started to attack all 4 of us by this point so the kids were on the At Risk Register) I finally found some where (especially as I couldn't go private). I was diagnosed about the time I managed to leave that area of the country with my kids & get them away from their dad (until CAFCASS decided they should see him anyway).