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ADHD, ASPERGERS? - Carers UK Forum


For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hi all ive recently joined my ds is 4.5 years and has been referred to the community paed for assessment, hes main issues r behaviour and concentration but has sooo much more going on, he has alot of sensory issues, ive been reading a book about sensory processing disorder which seems to fit him perfectly.
we have had concerns since he was 9 months old, and only now hes at school who r having major issues we r getting the help. hes been on an IEP since october and its acheieved nothing.
we recently got the connors teaching/parent rating scale which we need to fill out and get the teacher. alot of it is him but dont cover half of his issues.

i know its a very long drawn out process. i hope to find this part of the forum very useful xx
hi natallie, My sons 15 and only got diagnoised this year with aspergers he has additional prblems too but thats the main issue. I've always know there was something there but it can be battle to get the right people to listen.
i found finding out as much as i could extremly helpful in the care for my son and understanding ##good luck Rachel
Thank you for replying means alot
how long has ur son had probelms for? is hes problems at home and at school?

its taken us years to get this far, matthews teacher is shocked that he has not been seen sooner. did u ever see a behaviour support worker? we have one and not sure what shes meant to be doing, yesterday she took alot of notes.
over the years theres been so many quirks etc, obsessions, routines, hand flapping, now hes at school and they r having problems to we are finally going in the right direction or i hope we are.

its so frustrating isnt it as u know ur child best but yet people brush u off like a over worrying mother

what help do u get now u have formal dx?
Hi, my son is 10yrs old. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, learning & speech delay, challenging behaviour & sensory regulation difficulties.

We have had to fight ALL the way for him & even now we are waiting for an appointment out of crappy sandwell to a unit for a diagnosis of asperges. We know he's got it, he knows it, all the people involved know it-apart from the stupid doctors at CAMHS.

Like the other lady-my son was not talking when he attended nursery. I even had to fight to get him to a speech therapist. We have evrything from bad parenting, attachment problems, slow developing, hearing problems etc etc etc. thrown at us 7 yet his problems continue.

It amazes me how people I talk to in B'ham have had a diagnosis given their child when compared to my child theirs is ok. i know that sounds nasty, but I am so sick of fighting & trying to get help. I really think it is all down to having a good specialist & living in the right area. I am convinced that when my son is 30, still collecting shiney objects in the road, under dispalys in shops etc someone MIGHT stop & think 'hang on there's something wrong here'.....
There is a lot of discrepancies from area to area and even with DWP.
Both my boys were dx before they started school, but I do know of children who are very borderline who have had no trouble getting a dx but on the internet I know of parents who have really quite severe children struggling for dx.
Also know of parents who get highest rate DLA and Mobility with moderate children and again on the internet at least one parent of a very severe non verbal, SIB child who had to go to tribunal for any DLA at all!
You are right Vicky. I have had to appeal for every scrap of help & support from DLA, Statement of Educational Needs, being taken on by the Children with Dissabilities team etc etc etc. And thenI know of a mother who gets the high rate DLA for her child with eczma Image My child has no sense of danger, runs across roads without looking, gets out of the car whilst it is moving, lives in his own little world, freaks out if you touch him, look at him, laugh or the wind catches his face & guess what I get??? I am given the low rate for him:?: Image Image
It is possible to have ADHD and AS. One of my twins has both these diagnoses.
It is possible to have ADHD and AS. One of my twins has both these diagnoses.
The autistic spectrum is so wide ranging, anything is possible.