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A mummy but a carer too..... - Carers UK Forum

A mummy but a carer too.....

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Hello everyone,

My first post. I am a mummy to a 6 year old boy with ASD and a little girl who is 2 (NT).
I think like many people throughout a holiday season it often throws routine out of kilter but today I have reached out to Social Services to ask them to do an assesment. I think the overview would be we are coping but only just. It takes very little to send us into absolute crisis mode ( such as my son being unwell).
Since my daughter has become mobile ( and irritating to her brother, we are at the stage where it's pretty impossible to have either me OR my husband take both kids as my son needs 1:1 when they are together to ensure her safety. Christmas was very exhausting and there is a lot going on with my son right now- the result being that I am back to spending many nights by his bed on the floor in a bid to try and get him to also stay in his bed or go back to sleep. When he doesn't want to sleep he will start doing extreme things like trying to run a bath at 3am.
When he's going through a rough patch he will go for us and already he is able to push me over or will go for trying to poke my eyes out ( last night because I wouldn't give him a 4th bag of crisps)

Both me and my husband work. ( Sorry to ramble just giving you background)

Anyway I have a few questions that I was hoping someone could clarify for me.... first of all Social Services seem obsessed to tell me that I will lose my Short Breaks funding. Am I being stupid? Surely if they agree to go to panel and agree we need further assistance than this would be more than what short breaks funding is?

Given that me and my husband work- can they just refuse to help or insist we pay for all help offered by them?
Other than DLA we don't get anything else but in terms of our house hold expenditure.. there just isn't much left over.

In terms of how much resources my son is taking up- he's drinking all of us dry. There is so little time which is not focused solely around him pretty much everyone is starting to feel it. We are so early into this journey... I don't know how we are supposed to do this day and night .
Hi Kate
Welcome. As your son is so young can I suggest contacting the NAS too? They have a helpline, a forum and a website specifically for ASD. They also have local support in lots of areas too

Here we have carers covering lots of ages and conditions and we all feel the exhaustion and frustration, particularly where Social services and funding are involved but I do think you'd really benefit form the specific help the NAS can provide as well.

Kind regards