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Worrying Allegations in Stoke-on-Trent. - Carers UK Forum

Worrying Allegations in Stoke-on-Trent.

For issues specific to autism / Asperger Syndrome.
Here's an update from today's paper: http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Newstead ... afterReg=Y
I saw this on the news.

The room was too small & used incorrectly.

In this day and age you would think that situations like this if true just would not happen :(
Christopher,my eldest,attended Abbey Hill.He says the room was in use from roughly 2000.
'Pindown' got the area a bad reputation previously: http://www.childrenwebmag.com/articles/ ... bara-kahan Then Children's Services were found unfit for purpose in 2006...
The use of 'chill out' is quite widespread,in various forms here.
John we have a relaxing room at home but it is nothing like these rooms of disrupte. S's relaxing room is just that, it the whole of the front room downstairs, a place he takes himself to when he is overwhelmed or feeling stressed. It is comfortable, low arousal, he can make it dark and we designed it to suit his needs. It has made a massive difference and enables him to control his own behaviour.

A safe place to go when stressed is much better than a child/ young person losing control and needing to be restrained. Safe places used properly are great. There are several at S college. They don't have doors, are comfortable, the young person can turn off the light and be in the dark if they want to. I have various chillout options in my special needs classroom too; a sofa, a corner with cushions and also a screened off area with a duvet and beanbag for if a child needs to take a break for awhile.

I remember reading an account of a 'Home' in Romania where there was a communal room with a TV.The room was packed,with the TV always turned ear-piercingly-high...
Where my youngest son's lodged,whenever I drop in unexpectedly,there may be a cartoon on for him-though often it's 'The One Show' for the staff-but the sound would be off.The only DVD player is fitted to the side of the TV screen,and Eliot can't work it.There is nothing else in the communal room apart from a sofa,an armchair,and a large empty fish-tank.Even in the middle of the day Eliot can often be found lying full-length on the sofa,doing nothing.Staff refer to this as 'chilling out',which I usually regard as a euphemism for "We couldn't be bothered to do anything with/for him."
When I took Owen back there at 7:00,he walked straight into his room as usual and got into bed.He won't get out again until I go to pick him up tomorrow morning.This happens every Saturday.He his restricted to 7 videos in his room there "So as not to over-stimulate him" i.e. make his room neater and easier to clean.At home he has piles of Doctor Whos,Hanna-Barberas,etc. which he gloats over,taking his choice over which he's going to watch next.
It is amazing that Elliot copes so well with the lack'of stimulation. Not enough is as bad as too much.

S only uses the relaxing room when he feels the need. He might not use it for months, or he might use it several times in a day. Like your sons (when they are allowed to visit) he uses all the rooms in the house.

A couple of years ago,the were scaring me by saying that Eliot was showing signs of being 'pre-catatonic' and could end up not responding to any stimulation.He's here at the moment-the council allow him home for four hours between Thursday and Sunday-and the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' video is getting a hammering,while he flicks through a couple of hardbacks.He's just polished off some salmon,as well as oatcakes with cheese.
There's always a worry that if he's under-stimulated,it could affect him badly.He's very overweight because he's not allowed to walk anywhere.
When did Elliot last/if ever have an OT assessment? I was trying to persuade S's college that he needed more exercise. He had an OT sensory assessment and as part of it, the OT analysed his college day and said it showed how little he exercise. The OT Sid he needed more and after finding out S's preferences, made a list of suggested activities. The OT also looked at how his sensory needs affected his day. He also looked at the range of activities etc S did and then rated how these affected his well being. S has a range of hobbies, activities etc so scored well. Having this done by an OT could help back you up. It won't be just a case of , "His father reports that ..." (I hate it when they say that.)

Elliot's life sounds so dull. Is he the son who goes to a day centre? Does he go out with them?