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what time do you finish for the day? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

what time do you finish for the day?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I finished at five pm today

This is what I did this week so far

Prepare the meals with help
Order more medication for my brother and a new bath seat for the baby
Fill out a tedious long neverending DLA form for Francesca about her disability (will send it tomorrow via secure delivery)
Teach my brother math
Check that the cat was well and safe
Suction a trach tube properly and repeatedly (emailed a doctor this morning with my concern).
Interview a new special needs childcare provider by phone

I started doing this at five yesterday afternoon. I am so tired. My twenty four hour care challenge is over.

You have achieved a lot...

I hate those pesky forms..i have one in my in-tray too. They gave me three extra months to do it.

Hope you get a good rest now.

Thank you for your suggestion of the drain weasel.

Been so busy only just tried it today!

It worked!

Thanks so much again...no plumber needed.

Youngest son so happy he can use that sink again we have all been using cloakroom sink for nearly two months!
Morning everyone, my day starts normally around 6am, and finishes if I’m lucky midnight, normally up at least once in the night, I carer for my husband I need to do everything for him , he had a massive stroke last year which has left him severely disabled.
I had a full time job up until then and hardly seen him, he’d go for a pint etc I was never included, but now I’m with him 24/7 he now says he’s the luckiest man alive, it doesn’t make any sense to me.
I try not to dwell on the past also not to look into the future it just upsets me, hey so nice to write this down sorry for ranting.
Think I’m just feeling it more because I’ve paid £2000 last month (my only savings) to a guy to fence and sort our garden out, just to have somewhere to sit, but he hasn’t started job and I’ve been stressed out chasing him I’ve asked him for my money back but don’t think I’ll ever get it feel so down over it sorry for going on thanks for listening xx