Iceland Christmas Ad ... Political ? Perhaps We Should Ask The Orangutans For Their View ?

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According to the report, global palm oil market was valued at USD 65.73 billion in 2015, is expected to reach USD 92.84 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% between 2016 and 2021.

Political ?

This Issue , and other similar ones , transends politics !!!

Who speaks for the orangutans ????

WATCH ... and draw your own conclusion.
Banned it because it tells the truth
Interesting byeline :

Iceland's banned palm oil advert should have aired, says ITV chief.

Carolyn McCall said it was " Ludicrous " ad seen 65m times online could not run on TV.

It was deemed that the content of the ad itself was not the issue that breached the political ad prohibition in the Communications Act 2003, it was the association with Greenpeace, which is deemed to be a body “whose object is wholly or mainly of a political nature”.


Strange ... Greenpeace and CUK share one thing in common ... both are registered charities.

Charities ... strange creatures ... most like medieval fiefdoms ... some active on the street ( Like Shelter , Trussells and Greenpeace )... even ones acting as a business under a charity label ... time for a sort out as other threads spell out ? ... =Charities ... =Charities

Perhaps next year , Shelter will run a Christmas ad ... highlighting the plight of homeless families complete with children ... or Trussells with a queue over 1.3 million long ... reflecting the need for a food bank ?

Even CUK ... " The price of caring " ... 3.8 MILLION close to / at / below the official poverty line ... ?

Banned as " A Little too political " by the " Powers to be " ... ?
Lots of charities are now extremely political.

The Children's Society openly campaigns for migrant children in this country.

Medicin Sans Frontieres openly brings migrants across the Mediterranean in their boats etc etc.

And the RSPCA is 'openly political' in respect of things like hunting and so on.

(Sadly, that's why I dont' donate to them any more)

So, where does charity end and politics begin?

In a way, ALL charity is 'political'. If the government provided whatever it is that is being raised by donations, the charity itself would not exist (whatever that charity is).

Charities exist to fill a gap in what the politicians SHOULD be doing anyway!

In a well-governed world charities would NOT EXIST .There would be no need for them!
Exactly the point raised in those separate threads !

Classic ... the infamous Gagging Order ... only some charities abide by it ... towing the official line ? ... others drive a whole wagon train through it ... in essence ... charities act politically by taking either action !!!

" To speak out or to remain silent ? "

Perhaps ask the members first ????
I suspect the gagging order on the Iceland ad stems potentially from our UK government kow-towing to Malaysia where, I believe, if the newspaper reports are accurate, huge propaganda efforts have gone into 'rubbishing' Iceland's claim that palm oil damages the environment.

I know it's a shocking idea that the UK government should kow-tow to regimes that behave appallingly......!!!!!!!
... as Honey Badger summed up in very potent words ?
Justice , of sorts , done ... and well deserved :
Iceland Christmas advert named best of 2018, beating " Irrelevant " John Lewis offering.