kensington s mobility scooter,

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hi, i care for my sick wife, we got a second hand mobility scooter kensington s free rider, this was to give her her mobility back after years of sickness, only problem is, when she trys to go forwards it goes back words very fast, if she pushes paddel to go in revers , it goes forwards but on very slow speed with the revers beep going in forwards, i have taken it apart and the withch is in right place and pluged in correct, any one in here ever had this problem, im pulling my haire out trying to sort this befor my wife can use the scooter
Have you tried their contact details for support
A 5-1 shot ... worth a place ?

Google search ... KENSINGTON MOBILITY SCOOTER VIDEOS ... might even win ? ... 80&bih=653

..... and , a possible solution :
How To Reverse The Motor Shaft Rotation Direction. ... ction.html