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Being a full-time carer and working full-time doesn't leave me a lot of time to myself, but I like reading stuff on the internet,
I am a member of a chat forum with some very strange/interesting/nice people on it who have lots of varied knowledge,
read the online newspapers, watch music videos, general stuff that doesn't need a lot of thinking about.
I own loads of power tools, so when I get the time I like to make or repair things - not so much lately.
I used to be into radio controlled cars, building the kits up etc. so have a few of them and when I feel like it I will charge
up some batteries and go and have an hours fun in the garden with them.

If there are people on here who get great pleasure form gardening or hoovering (strange!) then I have a slightly overgrown
garden and a rarely-hoovered house that I would be willing to let them practice on ;)

I do other things as well, but can't really think of them at the moment :(
I was the same at my annual PDR (Personal Development Review for those who speak English, not work-speak) and could
not think of all the things I had done in the past year!!
Ummm. Who am I outside of caring? Dear lord... Ok.. I will try this.

Love computer games. Particularly MMORPG's. I love two in particular when I can get time. Lord of the Rings online and Dungeons and Dragons Online.
Cwenwillau of Rohan.jpg
Classic cars. Something I had shelved but will be returning to soon. Lots of fun to be had.
Raising the dead.JPG
Main interest is modelling.. Plastic scale kits and figures.
Strange machine.jpg
HMS Prince of Wales..JPG
And a real love of Japan. Trying to learn the language as well but is really difficult.
Add in some gardening and cooking and it is a full life. :)
I write, I have two books published and 3 Poetry books that I print myself (mainly because publishers want to put illustrations (cartoons) in and I hate that) I am working on a third book. It is a useful alternative to caring and as my office is next to the bedroom if my wife needs me I am there.
This is what I get up to when I go out for a walk in the afternoons - it needs good weather, and reasonably compliant subjects.
IMG_4809-c-r-f silver studded blue.jpg
I also have another timewaster for when the weather is not so good, these are all made and fired by me, I also mix all of my own glazes .
I think the pics should all enlarge if clicked on - I have hundreds more but don't want to bore you. :blush:
Great photos ,the one of the Damselfly ? in flight is brill .
Lovely photos. You are very talented!
david c wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:49 am
Great photos ,the one of the Damselfly ? in flight is brill .
Thank David ,(et al) the flight shot is an Emperor Dragonfly, our largest resident species in the UK.

In size terms, I think of dragonflies as being a cigarette and damselflies as being the match, that's a bit imprecise but it works for me. :)
I write. Have a novel on the go. Have two pieces of paid writing under my belt. I write a blog too.

I play video games - I like RPGs (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) and simulations/strategy games (Cities Skylines, Total War). Also play World of Warcraft off and on.

Watch movies - horror mostly, but can sit through almost anything.

Not a lot else. Good grief I'm dull.
Hi ,oops my mistake about the Dragonfly .Any more photos to come ?
I have tried taking photos of insects ,too quick for me .
I also currently home educate my son who I’m the main carer for so much spare time is pretty sparse. But I enjoy art and drawing and I have made a deal with myself to actually spend some time doing things I enjoy more so I have just signed up to an art supplies monthly subscription box in the hope it’ll at least spur me on to do one project a month 😆

Loved seeing everyone’s projects and interests. Some fantastic hobbies out there!
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