Spell checker bloopers

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I'm not the best typist, especially on tablet keypad so I get lots of auto corrections, some of which make me laugh

Today I tried to type:
Mercies of the system
It gave
Merciless the system

Which I thought quite ironic

What bloopers do you get?
years ago (and I mean 50+ years !) when computers were first being introduced into the workplace, I worked for British Airways (BOAC as it was then) in Reservations. They had one of the first computerised airline reservation systems which would only accept standardised input. Some bright spark found that if you typed the word "rape" you got the response "invalid entry" which was quite appropriate :lol: :lol: :lol:
What time does father Christmas start in the grotto in house of Fraser. But the spell checker changed starts to farts!! My friend to her daughter,.
Today I tried typing 'stress releiver ". It gave me stress red leader

And why oh why on this forum only when I type cat it always always changes it to act????
Try, see if it does it for you
I touch type fast, but very inaccurately. So one of my favourite 'own bloopers' is to mistype 'Disturbed'.

It comes out as 'distrubed'....which I happen to think is a very good descriptive term of my moods sometimes...

'I'm feeling a bit disturbed today I'm afraid - just not myself....'

As for 'Christmas decorations' they so often come out as 'Christmas desecrations'....not quite the thing I had in mind!
Lordy, how typical - I TRY and type 'distrubed' and it comes out 'disturbed' just when I don't want it to!