How to retrieve pinned items from Windows 8 to Windows 10

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Hi guys. I've sorted my laptop out, as there was a problem with the hardrive. Whilst at the shop the guy there encouraged me to let him install Windows 10 with having everything in one place. Which I did, seems a lot easier. Only snag is I had pinned websites I had on Window 8; which had lots of items helping me in my caring role for my Mother. I have researched how and if I can get them back, can't makes sense it. Can anyone help? Thanks.
" Pinned " web sites ?

I assume bookmarks ?

Try the top section of your Internet browser as a first place to relocate.

If you have previously backed them up and / or exported to HTML., try the DOCUMENTS folder.

If you have Microsoft Edge installed as a new browser , the following may also be of interest : ... r-browsers ... df4?auth=1
Pinned: as in pinned to the Start screen in Window 8 - all have gone. I started bookmarking them through Firefox, didn't get round to transfering them all.
Firefox bookmarks should still be there.

I use 3 different browsers ... each for a different range of functions ... a total of 902 bookmarks as I type.

I back up as I close down each evening ... saving revised bookmarks along with all EXCEL files to a separate stick drive.

Those in the Start Menu ... a new one on me.

They should still be around ... I'm still on Windows Vista ... I would search for them through the COMPUTER icon.

Whether you can do a straight COPY / PASTE to Firebox ... or use the IMPORT function in the Bookmarks drop down menu ... unknown.