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heheh i know this can be a bit of a debated topic , well at least on other forums i use it has always caused a heated debate.
on one forum it got so bad the owner warned us all , banned me along with 5 others for 1 week and removed the post , then put a restriction on the 6 of us where all new posts and replies had to be read by him / mods first. Image Image Image .
( and i did not even start the topic , i just joined in )

But i am wandering who here likes tattoos ? i currently have 2 , nothing fancy just designs taken out of books in shop but obviously still something i am interested in .

I have a full colour dragon on my right shoulder blade , holding a scroll with my name in it.
and i have a black & grey Panther climbing up my calf muscle with blood dripping out my leg , though i would like to get more work on the blood so it stands out more , maybe a tare of skin as well.
but eventually i would love to get an other 2 , i am wanting one of a brown trout that i am currently sketching , its to go on my lower arm starting bellow the inside of the elbow and stop half way down , so a good few inches in size. but i am wanting it to look like an unfinished sketch.

an other design i am playing about with is a Pinstripe design that i want done on the upper arm and down to the top of the elbow , so almost a foot long ( i have long arms ) lol.
at the moment i am thinking i want it in black with a red design behind and over the black main design but have not drawn anything i am 100% happy with lol.

the advantages and disadvantages of being an artist ,,, always have ideas running around the auld grey matter Image
Yes James, Jan and I, both have tattoos, and of course we like them.

You have a 'tat' with 'YOUR NAME', Image Well each to their own. I have always thought 'most people' had their 'tats' with the names of the people the loved/admired most. There are no rules, and even if there were, they would be there to be broken, I guess.

BTW welcom to the Forum mate Image
i personally think its stupid to get other peoples names tattooed.
one of my brothers had his fiancees name and cut a long story short they split up so he had to pay for a cover up to be done .
he also had what he thought was his kids name tattooed on him
and for years he believed it was his kid , until things got messy and he moved to England then social services were brought in because she was caught threatening to smash her other daughters brains in while in the public swimming pool.
it eventually showed what he thought was his kid was not his so he had to have that covered as well.
i will never have an other persons name on me nor any kids ( if i have any ) nor will i have "" dad "" .

i have absolutely no objections to people who do walk around with names on , there body , and money to do as they wish , we are all entitled to do what we want to our selves Image.

i got my name put on it because as i said to the artist .... if i am ever hit by a bus and they need to know my name , simply turn me over . and i have a card in my wallet saying so.
it is the only one i have with a name and it is the last , any more i get will be graphics.
my husband had a tattoo done last year,his first(and probably his only) at the age of 55.It was done in memory of one of our sons,who died 4 years ago this summer,and it is our son's name.I wear a necklace that has special meaning,but the only jewellery my husband wears is his wedding band so the tattoo was a better idea.I know a lot of bereaved parents who do this.
Yes Lazy i know a few people who are 100% against tattoos they think they are ugly , extremely dangerous and unhealthy and only druggies who have tatts or great big fat bikers .
BUT when they suffered the loss of a child they got a tat done .
which is fine ,,, i was more meaning those that get girlfriends / boyfriends names done after going with eachother for 2 weeks or so lol.
sorry for any offence i may have caused , i just have problems putting things into text.

i was a member of a reptile forum many years ago , and one of the guys i spoke to said his son was 17 went and got his girlfriends name done on his willy and they had only just been seeing each other for 1 week.
I have three custom tattoos that deal with love,honour and courage.
As they are very personal to me I will describe them via personal message should anyone be interested.
Crumbs - Im not really into tattoos and dont have any (would rather wear jewellery). Im not offended by any discussion about them, but I must say that some of the tattoos described here - especially on the more (ahem) intimate areas sound very painful Image
Loads, full sleeve both arms as a back piece plus wedding bands tattooed on.
Rings that cannot be taken off.
Difference between tattooed people and those without one is we don’t care if you not tattooed
sorry york but i cant help but feel as though my post had some effect on your reply.

i watch the American tattoo programs and love seeing people have portraits etc done of a loved one , that is great but not something i would ever do ( for me personally ) ..
but the one thing i do think is stupid is as i say , you start dating someone and before you know what shoe size they are you get there name tattooed on you some where lol.
I want one. Not in a "private" place you understand but a small tattoo on the inner wrist.

It's something I have been intending to do for ages and as I am 50 next year, I don't think I could be classed as being impulsive! It will be my ladybird, only small, about the size of my thumbnail.
Sounds odd but that funny little bug has a lot of personal meaning for me, it has been my name on many of my different forums and I connect it with a turning point in my life. Just need to find the time to go and get it done.. Image Image