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Printer recommendations please - Carers UK Forum

Printer recommendations please

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Hi All
My ancient Brother printer has just packed in. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a basic (and cheap!) replacement. I just want something that is not too heavy (my Brother printer is massive and I can't lift it!) and EASY TO SET UP. I am not very techie, and have never bought a printer before (the Brother was given to me third-hand).

All suggestions gratefully received Image
well, i can tell you what not to get - lexmark. they are great functionally, and mine was simple to use and not too heavy - but the ink is SO expensive. I used to have one and it was actually cheaper for me to buy a brand new printer that was on sale, than the replacement ink cartridges... Image
My HP photosmart all-in-one printer/copier/scanner has been running without a hitch for many years, and whilst the two cartridges cost around £12 each, they last well with care. I do lots of printing. The main issue to me is jamming paper: this printer runs very smoothly without jamming and if it does jam, then its very quick and easy to unjam. Always check with the salesman how to unjam a printer before buying: in my view HP are the best on this feature.
I have one the same as Scally. It was easy to install, just plugged it in and off it went Image Image
Ditto Scally & Myrtle Image

(often get good deals on the ink cartridges via Amazon - 2 for 1 etc)
Hi Silverday

I bought a HP Photosmart 5520 direct from HP at £10 cheaper than Argos plus free delivery. I ordered extra B & W cartridge at same time for £7, subsequently ordered colour ones too, all P&P free.
Their after sales service is brill. Being a numpty I had to use them twice. They ring you back, and some HP poor sod had to spend 20 mins giving me idiot proof instructions over the phone as I learnt how to operate printer. Easy when you know how. It would've helped if it came with a proper instruction booklet.
Mine also does double-sided printing which is a necessity for me.
Madialette is right, avoid Lexmark like the plague, thery work brill but ink is ridiculous, even cheap ones more expensive than other makes cheap ones.
I've had several HP All in one printers which have been disastrous, but I bought them from Staples with an extended warrantee, and they were fine giving me an exchange. I have an A3 laser printer in my office, which I use for work, but in my bedroom I have an HP Envy printer, it's only about 5" tall, and it's cream so doesn't look so officey. You can't put stacks of paper in, which is a pain if I suddenly decide to print off a long document, but that's the only trade off. The way the cartridges fit in is the best ever, so simple, and it's got a scanner bed too. Best of all, it's wireless, so like now, I can sit on my bed and it prints on my chest of drawers. It can also print from my ipad and my son's iphone. The ink consumption is good too.
Thanks for all your replies Image
The HP Envy sounds good Bowlingbun - I only need to print now and again, and it would be great to have something that fits in my room. Looking on the HP website they don't look too pricey. I just wish these things would come with instructions! I bet I will need their after sales service Sajehar Image
I would say it's the easiest printer I've had. It's got a touch screen, to start with I wasn't firm enough, but apart from that it's doing well. It's very compact when the front is closed. When you tell it to print, the front flap where the screen is comes up, and a little paper support comes out. When you take the paper off, it closes itself up. Be sure to take out a warrantee though, just in case. I like shopping for this sort of stuff in Staples, because most of the people selling it are IT graduates. If they see you looking for long they ask if you are OK, to which I always reply No, I'd like some help please. They also do a reward card system.