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As I read the forum I often wonder where people's user names come from.

Mine is pretty obvious - at the time when I came on the forum it summed up my life as I was juggling everything and life was very precarious, as my avatar shows!

I reckon Pete was a painter-decorator at some time and the SussexRokx might just be proud to live in Sussex.
How about some others though?
Did Dancedintherain actually dance in the rain...and why?!!
Is SheWolf as scary as she sounds?!!
And just how big is Big Bear?!!

Is there a reason why you chose your user name?
Do tell!! Image
I started off as Excalibur, hence the heroic avatar: and then shortened it to Scally when I got fed up with it. I quite like fighting for truth justice and honour, but I'm also a bit of a scallywag, if the truth be known (as many here will vouch).
Mine comes from... I'm not telling!
Mine is a mixture of where I live and my surname. I reckon Dancing in the Rain is connected in some way with a saying on a poster I saw, something like "Life isn't about waiting for the sun to shine, but about learning to dance in the rain". Have I taken two and two and made five, DIR?
Mine comes because crocuses will bloom even in the snow, so long as there is a bit of sun. When I joined it felt like I was covered in snow - cold and numb - but was hoping for a bit of sunshine to make me bloom.
Well, they're soft and cuddly and cute, and I really, really want one.
Oh, Crocus...big hugs.
Thanks juggler Image

Big bear is called that, apparently, because that is what her husband called her. Now that he has gone, we are the only ones left to call her that ........
I reckon that sajehar is actually sara jennifer harrison - or something like that Image Yes no?!
Mine needs no explanation. Image Image
mine; was feeling low when joined, looked out window and sun was just setting hence the name.