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Your First Film At The Cinema - What Was It? - Carers UK Forum

Your First Film At The Cinema - What Was It?

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Hi All

For the the first time in many years I went to the cinema with my wife (just haven't had a chance before then). We saw the live stream from the National Theatre of War Horse. It was wonderful to watch and I believe they are repeating it in cinemas soon.

It got me thinking about the first film I ever saw at the pictures. I can't remember the exact ones but Watership Down (about the rabbits) seems to stick out in my mind and may have been the first. I saw it with my grandmother at the Walton-On-Thames, Surrey flicks. I do recall crying, the music still stirs my emotions!

What was the first film you remember and where did you see it?

Love to hear from you and I'll try to mention all of your posts on my Riverside Pub show for carers and their families on Wednesday at 6pm on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

Kind regards
Mine was 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks'...all i can recall about it now is that Angela Lansbury was in it. (My son's first was either Lion King or Strictly Ballroom - whichever came out first.) I haven't been to the cinema in around a decade though - I think the last film I watched at one was the 6th Star Wars movie...
the red balloon shows my age!
Toy Story Image
Walt Disney's "Bambi"

My Mum told me that my first words on entering the cinema were "Wow, what a big telly" Image Image Image
i don't know how my olds kept me quiet in a cinema - but i used to give my son a huge violet crumble bar (AU version of a 'crunchie') and he would slobber and suck on it til he feel asleep.... Image
My first cinema treat was Calamity Jane , thats going back a bit, at our local flea pit , must have been about 4 at the time .
The first one I remember seeing was the Jungle Book - I loved it Image
We didnt get to the cinema often when I was a child
First visit to cinema - at primary school we all marched from school to cinema to see The Coronation, then a short time later The Conquering of Everest - both historic events! No television in this part of Scotland at that time.
My granddad, then a docker, took me to see my first film. It was Spartacus. He was a communist and thought it would be very educational for me. I was about 5 or 6. I thought it was real because the screen was huge and in colour. I'd only ever seen B&W telly before. When the two ladies made Spartacus fight his best mate, I jumped up and down yelling, "Make the nasty ladies stop, make the nasty ladies stop!"
I got so upset when Spartacus had to kill his poet friend that I had to be carried out the cinema bawling my head off. I didn't get to see the end of the film, and my granddad never took me to the cinema again.