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Carers Allowance Query

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Hello again, just received this via email from Heléna Herklots today and just wanted to clarify a wee bit.

"The main carers’ benefit, Carer’s Allowance, is currently £59.75 a week for a minimum of 35 hours caring – equivalent to £1.67 an hour. It is not available to those who earn more than £100 per week or to those in receipt of the basic State Pension."

Carer's Allowance is going up in April.
The law states that a person must have £105 to live on per week. Therefore JobCentrePlus will give you income support to supplement your income to reach £105.
Yes you are allowed to earn up to £100 however what isn't taken into consideration is that only the first £20 of this income is allowed and anything above that is taken from your income support payments.

Since I now only work 12 hours per week @ £7 per hour, I used to receive £45 per week top up which has now been reduced to £3.22 per week and as from April when the Carers Allowance increases the income support will drop by the increased amount, that for me is down to £1:55 per week.
So I am no better off and in reality I am working for £20 per week.
What with inflation and prices going up all the time I am surprised that the allowance has not been increased and the Government saying that £105 per week to live on is realistic.

The main part of the email was about this:
12-month investigation by Carers UK exposes stark reality faced by those looking after loved ones who are older, disabled or seriously ill: loss of savings, debt and struggling to afford food and heating.
The Inquiry also reveals that, despite rapid rises in the number of families providing care to loved ones, Government cuts to support leave carers facing a shocking £1 billion cut.

Plus I was informed today that home care is now charging £15.17 per hour to care for someone in their own home and we are getting paid £1.67 and for that we have to be caring for a minimum of 35 hours.

Your thoughts????
It's getting a bit like the Victorian Era: watch for some backbench Tory MP to propose that destitutes and bankrupts are sent to live in a workhouse.
I'm not really sure that I understood all of that. A full-time carer would get 105 pounds per week from Carer's Allowance and Income Support? Can one live on 105 pounds per week?

All I know is that Mum costs a fortune in extra washing and food and electricity etc.

And home care gets 15.17 per hour while a Carer gets 1.67? My job is worth one pound sixty-seven an hour? Image
I pay an agency £15.50 an hour, the carers they employ get £6.50 an hour and no petrol allowance its a sham!
Thats why I employ my sons peer support-workers direct, and pay them a decent wage (£7 an hour - as students they don't pay tax or NI on that) They are bright, resourceful, trustworthy, and caring young men. - and they have to be to be sent off on backpacking or sailing expeditions for weeks at a time, often abroad.
I have taken out public liability insurance but cannot find anyone to work for me
What I found was an anomaly was my carers allowance was stopped after 4 weeks when Dad was in hospital with his dementia and I was having to drive 15 miles each way to the hospital to visit him and I was having to put the washing machine on every day because he was soiling clothes etc so the electric bill went through the roof.
Sometimes I was called back for a second time because Dad started kicking off and he did things like filling his slippers with water so I was having to replace them.
Overall it was costing more to have Dad in hospital than at home.
I know there is assistance for transport costs if the income of a household was under a certain amount but my occupational pension was too high.
I did however pity people whose income was only just too high to qualify
One woman had to so a 42 mile round trip each day as they could not accommodate her father at her local hospital.

In response Koala,
The answer to your query is one has to live on £105 not can one live on £105 per week. Obviously so because the Government have passed a law saying that a person can live on that.

However if it wasn't for the fact that my mother has her state pension and part of her late husbands private pension then the answer is no.
We get by, we both pay the bills, we will never be rich or well off (the Government will make sure of that), however once you pay for your council tax, water rates, gas, electric and mortgage or rent (lucky I own my house freehold), then there isn't much left for food, clothing or anything else.

What I would love to know is when that law was passed and how often is it reviewed because year on year inflation goes up but the threshold stays the same.
If the Government are saying that we can earn £100 after tax then we should be allowed to earn that much and not £20, that is totally misleading and gives a false economy.
This Government have been on trail of employers who are paying immigrants below the minimum wage, well guess what I am an employee of the Government because they pay my wages for looking after my mother. What would they do to my employer if they found out I was working for £1:67 per hour?
I thought slave labour had been abolish in this country but obviously that only applies to the private sector.
I have taken out public liability insurance but cannot find anyone to work for me
I take it you have advertised. If so where? Also if you know somebody you think would get on well with your daughter you could ask them directly.