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Your First Car - What Was It? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Your First Car - What Was It?

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Every summer they're referred to as Gas Guzzling four by fours, but whenever there are serious weather events like floods and snow, they all of a sudden become popular again. And I needed one anyhow to tow a 16ft caravan - sometimes Disco and caravan loaded with vintage lorry spares for me to sell at shows. I regularly used to run shows as far away as Chorley, Liverpool, Telford and Coalville.
When we came back from Australia in 76 we bought a LWB 2A, still in the family now. A bit like grandfather's broom, very little of the original vehicle left. It was used in a photo shoot for Land Rover Monthly, for this, No.1 son drove it to somewhere near Peterborough with the Perkins 4.203 fitted - he said never again! Mind you, I used to drive it to rallies as far away as Fairford with that engine, under sufferance. The engine in my wrecked Range Rover is now in this. Some people said it couldn't be done, but it can. It looks like a shed, really in need of a repaint, but goes like a bat out of hell. I probably last drove it about 10 years ago, not even on the insurance these days.
My first car was an old white mini which wouldn't go into reverse so I had to get out and shove it backwards then...
Mitsubishi Colt I passed my test in that but I admit to being naughty and doing a few journeys alone in it before I passed my test Image
Nissan Bluebird
Nissan Micra
Vauxhall Cavalier
Peugeot 309
Renault 21
2 Ford Sierrras
Kia Pride
Citroen Xsara
Honda Civic
Citroen C4 and finally the Focus Zetec
Austin A 35
Morris 1100
Hillman Imp
M G B Roadster uprated
Mk1 Ford escort estate wrote this one off
Renault R8 Auto
Jaguar 3.4s
vauxhall Viva x 2
Austin mini
Ford Capri uprated
Ford granada 2.0
VW Passat estate
Lada 4x4
Sherpa van X 2
Austin marina car
Austin marina van
Mastroe van 2. deisel
metro van
sherpa 3.5 ton van
Austin montego estate
Ford Transit Motorhome
Vauxhall frontera 4x4
and 6 Wagons that I did not own
in about 40 years of driving
And my eldest son @36 has had more vehicles than me Image
I'm loving hearing about your cars and stories. Thank you.
We've had a Vectra for a number of years and I found something out about it recently. It has a name! My wife has been calling it that name since we've had it.

What do you think the name would be? Something strong such as Lancelot, Leo.
Noop neither of those ....Daisy!!! I ask you..Daisy!!

Thankfully we agreed that I wasn't going to have a sticker called:

"powered by fairy dust" - at least not for the time being! Daisy!!
Thank you again for your wonderful contributions.
I've learnt new things about car history. Thank you Brian for your messages.
I'm doing the special show on Weds on cars live at my Riverside Pub. You are all welcome.

Please do pop in for a virtual swift half

Weds 6pm - 7pm on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

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Best wishes and thanks

My 'real' 1st car was a 3 wheeled X baker's van, bought form my brother -in-law, didn't last long.

I conceder my 1st car as a white mini, bought from my mate at work, it had a 'sports steering wheel' (a small one, all the rage with us boy racers at the time), my mate charged me an extra £10 for it too!
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Great, I'll look forward to seeing you at my Riverside Pub - the show for Carers and families - tonight (Sat) at 7pm. This show is a repeat from Weds.


Look forward to seeing you there.

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Thank you for listening - much appreciated. I really enjoyed hearing all the contributions - problem was I ran out of time!

Sophia is back behind the bar on Wednesday at 6pm.
We're trying to make it the place for Carers to meet.

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