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Your First Car - What Was It? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Your First Car - What Was It?

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Blimey...someone has had 27 cars? Sprinter! Suzie....9? must be doing something wrong. 23 yrs and had 4. lol. x
Our first car was a gold coloured Vauxhall Viva. It cost £320 and burst into flames - we only just got out in time!

Blue Ford Fiesta called Basil !
My first car was an ancient Allegro that was called "the pig" because of its registration number and also because it drove like one.........
A little blue Mini 750...called Minnie!
I have never owned a car and don;t intend getting one... had a few push bikes though.... Image
My first car was a Morris 1100. I bought it in 1972 on a car loan scheme when I was working for Liverpool Social Services. My then fiance - now my hubby - was in Liverpool at the time and we took the car to Edinburgh for the weekend just after getting it. Unfortunately it had an oil leak which we didn't know about as the warning light wa sn't working and the big end went when we reached Charnock Richard on the M6 on the way back to Liverpool. What an adventure - we had to call out the RAC.

The car drove reasonably well after that but we exchanged it for a Hillman Imp in 1975.

My fist car was a blue knackered Mini, I thought it was the best thing in the entire world Image
My first car was a Red Mini which I bought for £50. The door were held on with washing line. Next I got a Torquoise blue Triumph Herald with white wall tyres. Many cars later I currently have two cars. One is a 59 Fiesta with 13k miles and the other is a 52 Rover with 10681 miles. I know the mileages are all genuine. The fiesta was bought new to get my dad in easier with the bigger doors on the 3 door models. The Rover was my dad's car and I was there when it was bought. I dont know what to do about having two cars as I like both. The fiesta is nippy but the rover is more comfortable and heavier (safer?). On paper the Rover is worth nothing. Luckily I was a wee tomboy and even though the Rover had been left in the garage for ages without being strarted I managed to get it going all by myself. I recently prepped it for MOT and it sailed through.

I remember my dad having a Morris Cowley.

I've only ever had one car which is truly mine - all the rest were jointly owned. After my late husband's Range Rover was written off in a horrific accident, saving my life in the process, I bought a V reg Discovery in 2006. At the age of 54, it was all mine, I didn't feel safe in a smaller car. Fortunately my son is a Land Rover nut, so I have my very own mechanic living at home. Between us there are usually seven at home, from 1952 onwards!