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Your First Car - What Was It? - Carers UK Forum

Your First Car - What Was It?

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Dear All

I said good-bye to a good friend last week. Together we have been on numerous long journeys together and enjoyed wonderful adventures. My friend was always there, waiting patiently wherever I went.

Towards the end my friend started to creak in places but that didn't seem to matter.

My friend had a good wash and a scrub before she went and looked amazing. I could see what looked like tears rolling down my friend's front. I too had a tear or two. My friend is off to a good new home and I'm looking forward to meeting a new friend - a younger version. Still hard to say good-bye. And I can't believe I got so emotional over a CAR but I did!

It got me thinking about my first car. My first car was a .....Triumph (cool so far) Acclaim!

So what was your first car? Love to hear from you, please post below.
Also I'm taking requests and dedications as well.

Please join me for my special Riverside Pub show for carers and their families:

Wednesday 6pm -7pm on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

Best wishes
First car yep that would be a 1958 Austin A 35 998cc and yes I still have some bits
some where for it Image
First car was an EK Holden, 1961, and I still have some of its parts, too. Image
I had a Ford Anglia.
It was not a boy racer car as I inherited it from a relative and it was reasonably new.
I can remember some of my friends wanted me to change it for something different but I did not.
I kept it for about 4 years and the relative said he thought a white Cortina would be nice and offered me a good portion of the money for it.
We went to the garage and the sales man said he could give us a better deal on a blue one.
My relative and myself agreed to compromise. Personally I thought it was better than white.

Alpha Romeo Sud: one of the best and fastest 1300cc hatchbacks of its generation, the flat four engine delivered a huge amount of power, but sadly it was also a rust-trap. I quickly replaced it with an Audi GT 2000cc - not the quattro, but pretty impressive nevertheless, and had the pleasure of driving it over the Alps one summer. Since then I've driven a Rover 2000, a Volksvagen Golf, a Vauxhall Zafira, a Nissan Note and my present car, an all electric Nissan Leaf. Of these the Leaf is my favourite: quiet and very fast, charges off the solar panels on my roof or cheap rate night-time power, and costs about 2p per mile to run.
I nearly bought an Alpha Sud back in the 80s, until I realised how rusty they all were Image
Technology has moved forwards a lot since those days. I was a bit disappointed by the Zafira, only got 125,000 miles out of it from new before getting the scrappage bonus: whilst the Audi and the Rover both got way into the 180,000+ zone before croaking, though I still managed to sell them on as going concerns.
Ours was an old Riley , with a wooden dashboard that shone like glass & that was about the best thing i can say about it , it was a load of rubbish , we never did get it out the garage & it never ever went on the road , but we spent many happy hours sitting in it , polishing that blo--y dash Image
I've had 27 cars (I think) the first of which was a Hillman Avenger. Looked horrible with a hand painted black finish. It belonged to friends who kept their dogs in it and I bought it for 4 and a half pints of ale (3 pints for him, 3 halves for her). Ran it for a year before I scrapped it.

Tim, I've had 2 Acclaims and thought they were great, well the first one was. Very nippy and economical too. Good enough to get me through a couple of years of cheap motoring while at Yooni.
1. Bright yellow Mini - could see me coming for miles Image
2. Black Metro 1100 - always needed cleaning !
3. White Metro 1100 - trashed by joyriders Image
4. Burgundy Metro 1100 - stolen from outside the garage where it had gone for it's MOT Image
5. Turquoise Metro 1100 - just got old and I fancied a change Image
6. Red Nissan Micra - changed for a car that went "vroom" Image
7. Red Peugeot 206 - too small for Mum's wheelchair
8. Red Nissan Note - too clunky and too big after Mum passed away
9. Ice Blue Peugeot 207 - just right for little 'ol me Image

As you can see I had a 'thing' about the Metro ! Roomiest small hatchback I've ever driven - transverse engine block allowed for masses of leg room in the front - even my 6'4" nephew-in-law wasn't cramped Image
What a great subject....
I passed my test in 1991, first car was a ford fiesta pop1 beige thing. YBU 794Y. Had it years. Then I had a red Vauxhall Nova. J524 PPP. Next was a vauxhall Corsa. S640 ACP. The corsa is still going strong. My BF is driving round in it. I gave it to him when my dad was given a motability car. Bar the motability car, (Golf)...The vauxhall Nova was the best...it did over 200k miles...it has been all over the UK. I have to hand it to my dad though. It was his trade. He was a motor mechanic. It has been down to him for keeping the tin boxes going. He did me proud! xx