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Carers and exCarers in Norfolk

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I have only had a brief look around and could not find anything relating to Norfolk but no doubt someone will tell me otherwise. I live 5 miles outside Norwich and am interested in making contact with anyone that lives in this flat but beautiful landscape. My interest is from having had 12 years of running a Carers Support Group, being a member of Norwich Carers Council, an elected member of Norfolk Carers Council and as the Carers UK Ambassador for Carers in Norfolk.
I'm in Norfolk (Caister) but am a newbie, having emigrated from deepest Sarf London just under a year ago. My caree (daughter) lives in residential care in North London and all my dealing with the funding local authority are in the South London area.

I'm still involved but at a distance (visit regularly and handle finances). Unfortunately, it has been a very difficult year and my mind and attention is on other things so I wouldn't be much of a contact I'm afraid.

Good luck with the search though. :)
Good morning and thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Welcome to Norfolk, I moved here nearly fifty years ago from having been brought up in the Hackney Wick and Bethnal Green areas, wouldn't change it for anything. You never know there could come a time when your circumstances change and I always say "It is better to know us and not need us rather than need us and not know us"
No problem Les. I don't want to appear unfriendly at all but now really isn't a good time. In this year I have been diagnosed and treated for rare cancer and am currently still undergoing tests to make sure it's gone, less than 3 months ago we also lost our 28 yr old son unexpectedly.

It is a difficult time for me still, sure you understand.
Sending ((((Hugs)))) to you Ladybird,, and Les I originally came from Leyton in East London, but now live in Stalham Norfolk,xx
Costessey Carers Support Group
13 Longdell Hills
Tel: 01603 742185
Email: cossey.carers1@btinternet.com
Website: http://www.costesseycarers.co.uk/
Ladybird, Many thanks for your reply and yes I fully understand where you are coming from. It sounds as though you have had more than your share of downtime thrown your way. Words are no substitute but can help if you have someone to exchange them with when you are having a dark moment. Hope the results go your way and maybe the upturn can begin for you, best wishes and good luck, Regards, Les
In response to the details posted by charles47 I am flattered to see that because it is my website for the group I founded 12 years ago and have been running to this day. I am also a member of the Norfolk Carers Council and Carers UK ambassador for Carers in Norfolk.
You'll be pleased to know, Les, that I got the details from the CUK main website.
You obviously did a bit of detective work but the pleasing thing that you found us proves that the links works so I have been doing things correctly. Where abouts are you?